How are you aware?

“Awareness” is the primary trait offered by the nervous system.  The more evolutionarily advanced an organism is, the more awarenss it possesses.  Scientists generally consider the degree of “awareness” as the primary measure of evolution.  Humanity is on the verge of a dramatic increase in our “awareness.”  We will begin to become aware that each human being is the equivalent of a “cell” in the body of of a superorganism, Humanity.  Currently, humans are fighting each other, which is the same as when cells in the body attack other cells in the body.  When body cells fight each other, in medicine, we refer to the resulting illness as representing “autoimmune disease” (translates as “self-destruction”), where the body destroys itself from within.  The survival of humanity is now threatened by the equivalent of “autoimmune disease” since humans are killing each other.  When we become aware that we are all cells in the SAME body, that evolution in our consciousness will allow humanity to heal itself and evolve. This mind evolution (The Biology of Belief) is linked in our global evolution!


8 thoughts on “How are you aware?

  1. My own contribution to the newly evolving planetary changes is the nutrition model that was adapted from very ancient medical models recognizing the human as a bit in the greater cosmos, yet with great energy to co-create. “Food Physics & Body Dynamics tm” has been used clinically to treat autoimmune disease like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other low grade chronic condition, maladies of the day and era we live within. I have been successful to ridding a client of the effects of a MERSA virus invasion, aided several young wives to conceive when other methods had failed, and help relieve certain conditions associated with cancer treatment. This is a method developed and grounded in science and physics. Please contact me for a consultation.

  2. Yes, great point. Awareness in and of itself, but what are are we aware of, that’s the biggie? In terms of the ecological intelligence we rank extremely low in the animal kingdom. And it’s not awareness that’s the issue, it’s what we do with it.

  3. Oh wow, this view is so beautiful! It gives me hope, cause it shows me, I am not separate from all the other human beings, that are not aware, stucked in their destructive programming. We are one and so I do influence others with the good vibes, right? Great!!

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