What about your certitude (or is it a belief?) that the mind is stronger then the genes?

The Beliefs and the Genes work together.  For years, conventional science emphasized that the genes control the physical traits.  NOW, science recognizes that genes are “potentials” and the mind and the environment provide the information that controls the reading of the gene’s blueprints.  BUT, the mind’s perceptions can alter the reading of the gene’s code. As epigenetics reveals, the nervous system’s response to the environment can modify the reading of the gene to produce up to 30,000 variations of proteins from the same gene blueprint.  Clearly, the mind and its beliefs are the primary mechanism and the most powerful factor in controlling an an organism’s genetics.

11 thoughts on “What about your certitude (or is it a belief?) that the mind is stronger then the genes?

    • And this is why finding the core of your current belief system and “reprogramming” it at the depth that is came from is crucial to actually believing the new programmed belief, so that the little triggers that come along w/the -genes- don’t get triggered any more. Replacing cellular memories with new integrated positive whole cells and ;positive energy i.e. beliefs, changes our whole system down to our DNA. I have been working on this in my own life for several years now and am beginning to reap the benefits of those shifts. Integrated energy therapy and BET work is so powerful and works quickly to remove the layers that the mind/ego/subconscious and dare I say Soul are ready to release. I think that is ;part of the key. What are you ready to heal/release. There are thousands of choices we can make about every decision presented to us. We just have to get out of our own way.

  1. I believe that the expression of our genes can be changed using the electromagnetic field…all this is what most scientists would call esoteric at this stage. I’ve also had some thoughts lately about some people’s gene expressions being allergic to Genetically Modified Organisms.

    There are so many fast foods and additive based foods that I cannot tolerate these days…my children either, and it’s got me to thinking…

  2. Yes, good call. It makes sense that it’s a two way system. Allows us to express free will. Perception needs that ability to co-creatively interact with the environment to evolve. I’m guessing that you must be a fan of Rupert Sheldrake’s work on Morphic Resonance and Quantum fields.

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  4. Does this also gives the answer of how life appears? I mean does this mean, that there must be the outer idea or belief that this two cells that start forming a body will become a perfect individual male or female human being? I mean, if we are controlling the genetics of our body with our mind and our beliefs and thus create our life and awareness anew and furthermore if we are a conscious cell of a humanity body that creates a new humanity… there must be a belief or mind that creates each of us humans. Is this what we call Soul?

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