What do your cells have to do with love?

Almost everyone can remember a time when they were “head-over-heels in love.”  During this juicy time of life, our perception of the world expands and our eyes twinkle with delight.  Our affection isn’t limited to our selected partner; rather we are in love with life itself and it shows.  We take risks to experiment with new foods, activities and clothes.   We listen more, share more and take more time for pleasure.  What may have been hostile the day before becomes heaven on earth when we’re in love.  We don’t even notice the aggressive drivers that irritated the heck out of us yesterday; today, we’re lost in daydreams and love songs.

Amazing as it may sound, each and every one of our cells behaves like a miniature human. Inside you, fifty trillion minute human-like cells work together.  Cells side-by-side helping each other accomplish pumping your heart, breathing your lungs and all the millions of tasks that need to happen.  When we feel “in love,” our cells have the vibration of love too!

May there be love and light to you on this beautiful Wednesday!


6 thoughts on “What do your cells have to do with love?

  1. Oh thank you for the beautiful reminder – yes I guess I feel those “fifty trillion minute human-like cells” within my body everytime, I aknowledge or love my body. Would be great for me to hear, that I am not alone with my experience… 🙂

  2. Ever since I started making mosaics recently, I feel like I have fallen in love with life…partly because I enjoy the process of making them, but more so because I feel like this is what I am meant to do… it goes to a much deeper level than having a good time. It’s effecting my life in all areas and yes, I am aware that each cell in my body is rejoicing… all is in perfect harmony, which has not always been the case with me…especially going through the hormonal changes of menopause. Making the mosaics helps to keep me grounded and simultaneously allows me to fly. I imagine my creations being infused with this healing energy.

  3. You are not alone with your experience, I continuously feel my whole body, all my cells ignited with love love love! when I am in love with life, which is almost every moment! and i want to get up and dance with joy and celebrate, I am so thankful for life and my life, me experiencing it is so cool and I get to shine my light everywhere i go and shine with all you other cool lights, that is something to be very thankful for ! ~ Peace.Love.Joy!! And Love to you on this beautiful eve ~

  4. You are not alone! 🙂 Every time a negative thought comes into my lovely brain , i automatically think…..
    “How is this affecting my fifty trillion minute little buddys?” And then i say , ITS NOT WORTH IT !!!! 🙂

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