Would you like to share any 2014 thoughts?

Happy Holidays in a world of change!
May you be happy beyond imagination, grateful beyond measure, love beyond all reason and generous to a fault.
Happy New Year!
From Mountain of Love

15 thoughts on “Would you like to share any 2014 thoughts?

  1. Bruce you have been an AMAZING guide for me throughout the past 20 something years. It is only now that what you have been saying makes profound sense to me, and for that I am grateful. It IS…and has ALWAYS been…the darn PROGRAMMING!!! Boy what a GAME we got here now huh? Ahahahaha… I’m finally showing up to play and I realize…REALIZING is not deemed fair!!!! Hahahaha… Now I’ve got to learn how to adapt what I know…to the ILLUSION of what is. Sheesh….and the band played on.
    Darek Jackson

  2. Respected Sir,

    Finally the blue print for a life of lasting success, abundance, happiness and fulfillment. The blue print for global peace, unity, sharing and caring. A most comprehensive study of human body, mind and consciousness.

    Get acquainted with your true essence and discover your infinite potential. Get solution to all your problems. Celebrate your life. One of the most important video people will ever see.

    Please let me know your valuable opinion. If it’s worth… then please do share _/\_ ❤


  3. Thank you for inspiring me to becoming fully me!
    I would love to have your take on the unconscious mind! You have spoken extensively about the conscious & the subconscious, so what of the Unconscious mind?

  4. While eating cooking stirring preparing any food items …….. constantly repeat any prayer chant or mantra that you feel attuned to and that process immediately realigns and potentiates anything you put into your bodies

  5. Thanks Bruce – met you in Toronto over 10 years ago and read your book The Biology of Belief. Seems to be a resurgence of interest in this topic so time to read it again. Thanks for all you do and share.

  6. Thanks Dr Bruce Lipton, I would like to see you in a workshop in Washington DC, I read your book, The biology of belief too. I so grateful for all you do and share with us. You have changed my whole aspect on my learning and perception of life, I wouldn’t be where I am today without your researching. This year, prioritize our mind as well as our body, and make a resolution for better mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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