Does life work out as planned?

Continuing on from this week’s posts a short blurb.

When life does not work out as planned we rarely recognize that we were very likely contributing to our own disappointments. Since we are generally unaware of the influence of our own subconscious behaviors, we naturally perceive of our selves as victims of forces outside of us when things don’t work out as desired. Unfortunately, assuming the role of victim means that we assume we are powerless in manifesting our intentions. Nothing is further from the truth! The primary determinant in shaping the fate of our lives is the database of perceptions and beliefs programmed in our minds.

There are resources that help reprogram our minds.  Here is a list:


5 thoughts on “Does life work out as planned?

  1. What do you do when your family turns their backs on you.  You work like hell for them and they just basically shit on you….???  I’m trying to straighten out my thinking and have a good attitude, but life seems to still spin out of control.  What’s going on?

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