What are your programmed perceptions?

Let’s apply yesterday’s article to understand the behavior in one’s life. Consider that you were a 5-year-old child throwing a tantrum in Walmart over your desire to have a particular toy. In silencing your outburst, your father yelled, “YOU don’t deserve things!” You are now an adult and in your self-conscious mind you are considering the idea that you have the qualities and power to assume a position of leadership at your job. While in the process of entertaining this positive thought in the self-conscious mind, all of your behaviors are now being automatically managed by the programs in your more powerful subconscious mind. Since your fundamental behavioral programs are those derived in your formative years, your father’s admonition that “you do not deserve things” may become the subconscious mind’s automated directive. So while you are entertaining wonderful thoughts of a positive future and not paying attention, your subconscious mind is automatically engaging self-sabotaging behavior to assure that your reality matches your program of not-deserving.

Now here’s the catch—Behavior is automatically controlled by subconscious mind’s programs when the self-conscious mind is not focused on the present moment. When the reflective self-conscious mind is preoccupied in thought and not paying attention, it does not observe the automatic behaviors derived from subconscious mind. Since 95% or more of our behavior is derived from the subconscious mind…then most of our own behavior is invisible to us!


10 thoughts on “What are your programmed perceptions?

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  2. The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton that speaks so succinctly to this. I used it while researching my book, Escaping the Chrysalis, which was published early last year. If you haven’t checked out The Biology of Belief, here’s the Amazon link. http://www.amazon.com/The-Biology-Belief-Unleashing-Consciousness/dp/1401923127. It’s such amazing stuff to consider. Thanks for this reminder of all that isn’t always obvious, yet is powerful nonetheless….

    • Thank you for all the research and I love your shares.
      I have a question. What are your believes about the energy that was subconscious given by the generation before?
      Lots of insights given me by believing that also an emotional state is related within generation.
      When mom or dad don’t feel worthy of being awesome, the child has similar behavior, (or grandmother/father they had to hide during war, child has similar behavior, and grandchild too).
      And child and grandchild don’t know the core, where this behavior comes from, it stays within the generation.

  3. Many of our subconscious beliefs are actually beneficial. Like if brought up in a belief system related to the 10 commandments or the golden rule. Being honest, truthful and helpful and loving towards others is the way to live. Bruce helps us become aware of programs that do not serve us and by bringing them into our conscious awareness we can look at making conscious what was formally subconscious.

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