What simple insights would you like to share? Have you thought about what comes next?

Simple Insights…Profound Consequences!

Through the management of “programmed” perceptions, the mind controls our biology, behavior and gene activity. The seat of thinking, freewill, personal identity, and our wants, desires and intentions is a small 40 “bit” self-conscious processor that controls our lives only 5% of the day or less. The million times more powerful subconscious mind controls 95% or more of our lives using “habits” derived from instincts and the perceptions acquired in our life experiences.

This data reveals that our lives are not controlled by our personal intentions and desires as we may inherently believe. Do the math! Our fate is actually under the control of the preprogrammed experiences managed by the subconscious mind. The most powerful and influential programs in the subconscious mind were downloaded into consciousness in the profoundly important formative period between gestation and six years of age. Now here’s the catch—these life-shaping subconscious programs are direct downloads derived from observing our primary teachers…our parents, siblings and local community. Unfortunately, as psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors are keenly aware, many of the perceptions acquired about ourselves in the formative period are expressed as limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs.

Unbeknownst to most parents is the fact that their words and actions are being continuously recorded by their children’s minds. Consequently, when they inform their child that he or she does not deserve things, or that they are not good enough, or smart enough, or that they are sickly, these pronouncements are directly downloaded into their child’s subconscious. Since the role of the mind is to make coherence between its programs and real life, the brain generates appropriate behavioral responses to life’s stimuli to assure the “truth” of the programmed perceptions.

Tomorrow we will discuss applying this understanding to the behavior in one’s life!


2 thoughts on “What simple insights would you like to share? Have you thought about what comes next?

  1. When I was a little girl, our maids abused me. My parents were hot tempered strict disciplinarians punished me for little mistakes I did. In the same environment, same maids, same parents treated my sister like a princess. My subconscious programming is, I am not good enough, I am not worth enough, I am not pretty enough, I am not smart enough, I am not brainy enough, I am not lucky enough and I am going to be short and fat in my adult life. Yes they, repeatedly said that and I am short and fat. I was angry with them for so many years and did nasty things ( without knowing and thinking) to heart them. Now I have finally realized I got this programming according to my Karmik energy, so no point getting angry with anybody. I had to learn a lesson in this life. A lesson of patience and love.( But I like release few kilos for sure:D) Thank you Dr. Bruce Lipton! Please let me know all your new findings about the subconscious mind.

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