Is the subconscious mind a connecting link between the finite mind and the collective consciousness?

Simply what is the subconscious mind, a database of programs and the conscious mind is connected to the collective consciousness of the world. But the conscious mind is running the body, essentially like sitting in front of the computer and pulling up programs to run your lives. The conscious mind can create but it creates through the filter of subconscious programming.

Subconscious is a link, a resource of behavior, a program to facilitate life – once you learn how to walk its a habit and you don’t need to learn it again. If you didn’t have a subconscious mind everyday you wake up and you wanted to walk you would have to relearn everyday again and again.

Basically if we didn’t have a subconscious mind we probably would never be able to do anything other then get up in the morning and take care of ourselves, because we would have to relearn everyday. Subconscious mind is a very important connector because it connects behaviors that we use all the time to programs that can be activated by just pushing the button but its not a link between the collective consciousness.

But the subconscious mind is used by the individual no other individuals have access to the subconscious mind, except through you. It is directly connected to the conscious mind and the conscious mind is you selecting the programs and creating behaviors.


6 thoughts on “Is the subconscious mind a connecting link between the finite mind and the collective consciousness?

  1. This is all so interesting like so much of your writings. A question arises from this.
    Many of us have experienced themselves or otherwise read about those moments of trancendance where one slips into this consciousness where for a moment there seems to be no filter of belief/judgements etc. and we connect to pure beingness where we connect to everything like it’s afresh and anew.
    For some teachers claiming enlightenment these moments have seem to grown into continuous states of consciousness.
    The question that arises for me is how does that relate to each other? I mean on the one hand the pure awareness of being without the filters of projecting all sorts of subconscious stuff onto the present moment and on the other hand the subconscious that we indeed need as an important connector to simply function in this world. How does that filter and sort itself itself out? It seems that there is a level of pure conscious being yet simultaniously we need some programms so we don’t need to learn to walk all over again.
    How do we differentiate between programms we need and unwanted projections that colour our reality?

  2. the subconscious is an independent living,evolving being working with the super-conscious to aid the conscious in its functioning on the material plane of action. (Three person in one god/ as above so below)

  3. What about the unconscious mind? Several years ago I had a patient who thought she was having a yeast issue. As a kinesiologist I searched but could not find my sample of yeast. So my patient says “just write the word yeast on a piece of paper. It should hold the same energy”.

    The result was very surprising. I told my patient that I would write down three different things so that she nor I would know which concept was placed on her body for muscle testing. My discovery was that the human body is sensitive to symbols.

    I was so excited that when I got home I wrote down ten positive phrases and ten negative. I shuffled the flash cards all facing down. After testing there were two piles of cards. Nine cards in one pile were in fact all negative. The other pile contained eleven cards. Ten of them were positive statements and one negative.

    The one card with the negative concept tested very strong until she would place one hand on her forehead. This suggested to me that there was an emotional component associated the message contained on the card. And there was. Once she diffused out the associated emotion, her body reacted to the card appropriately by going weak.

    What do you think is happening here?

    Dr. Don

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  4. I’ll try this and I’ve allready started with it: I step out of my mind (sort of meditation) try to be conscious and talk to my subconscious, saying and expressing my love and honor for all the work it does, then asking my subconscious to help me to get the body healthy, wealthy, happy, joyful, sending love and light… Let’s see, what will happen. Any further inputs are very welcome. Hope to heal my subconscious from fear I guess that’s all there is…

  5. Eduard Barney explained in his 1917 book Propaganda perfectly, how to infuse the gerneral public subconsciousness by certain memes to produce predictable results. This works already in large scale, scientificially backed up by social engineers, and the results can be seen everywhere.

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