Have you heard of this new edge biology conclusion…?

Leaving off from Friday about finding out about the real secret of life…

In a cell, these moving parts are molecules called proteins. Proteins are physical building blocks that assemble themselves and interact to generate the cell’s behaviors and functions. Each protein has a unique structure and size; in fact, there are over 150,000 different protein parts. While man-made machines can be quite complex, human mechanical technologies pale in comparison to the sophisticated technology within our cells.

Assemblies of protein gears that provide specific biological functions are collectively called pathways. A respiratory pathway represents an assembly of protein gears responsible for breathing. Similarly, a digestive pathway is a group of protein molecules that interact to digest food. A muscle contraction pathway consists of proteins whose interactions produce the body’s movements.

New-Edge Biology Conclusion #1

Proteins provide the structure and function of biological organisms.

The Motor: The motor represents the force that puts the protein gears in motion.

The motor is necessary because the primary characteristic of life is movement. In fact, if the proteins in your body stop moving, you’re well on the way to becoming a cadaver. Therefore, life derives from the forces that put protein molecules into motion and, thus, generate behavior.

The Switch: The switch is the mechanism that tells the motor to put the protein gears into motion.

The switch is necessary because life requires precise integration and coordination of cellular behaviors. Think of the cell’s functions-respiration, digestion, excretion, and so on-as instruments in an orchestra. Without a conductor, orchestras would produce a cacophony. In living organisms, the switches that reside in the cell’s membrane represent a conductor that harmoniously controls and regulates the cell’s various functional systems.

The Gauge: The gauge represents the body’s method for accurately monitoring the system’s physiological functions.

Biological gauges are essential to maintain life. Think of the gauges in your body as being like the gauges in your automobile. Even though gauges reside on the dashboard, which is your driving command center, the gauges monitor functions in the engine as well as throughout the vehicle. Just as your automobile’s gauges report oil and fuel levels, battery amperage, and speed, so the body also gives you feedback to regulate behavior and sustain your life. But unlike mechanical gauges with pointing needles or LED readouts, biological gauges convey information via sensation.

These sensations originate from by-product chemicals that cells create in the process of carrying out normal functions. These chemicals are released into the environment within our bodies. Specialized cells in the nervous system use membrane switches, equipped to recognize these chemical markers, to monitor the concentration of specific by-products. When these nerve cells are activated, they translate the by-product’s signal into sensations that our consciousness experiences as feelings, emotions, or symptoms. To fight an infection, for example, activated immune cells release chemical messengers, such as interleukin 1, into the blood. When interleukin 1 molecules are recognized by specific membrane receptors on blood vessel cells in the brain, these cells forward the signal molecule prostaglandin E2 into the brain. Prostaglandin E2 activates the fever pathway and simultaneously producing symptoms we sense as elevated temperature and shivering.

One of the basic problems with our health care system today is that the medical industry gauges success by how well it relieves symptoms. Doctors prescribe pills to eliminate pain, reduce swelling, or lower fever. However, drugging our symptoms can be as destructive as putting masking tape over our car’s gauges. It does not solve the problem; it helps us ignore it-until the vehicle breaks down.

Likewise, drugging the cells and masking symptoms ignores signals bombarding our bodies from the external environment.

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3 thoughts on “Have you heard of this new edge biology conclusion…?

  1. Very interesting and clear topic i agree with the actual conclusion. humbly , it’s a vision i had for a long time that found some kind of tracks on this fabulous and crucial subjects in the search of the secret of life. From both biological and spiritual domains approach, with the pros and cons of each limited perception of the reality, this entry can be linked to the actual development of NTIC and bio-nanosciences experiments, but also to the self awareness and rediscovering of each individual true-self in consciousness . This commitment with the inner globality could help to consider another individual an equal in so many ways that the cycle of communication can evolve and increase the growing community of love and mutual respect…Thankx for sharing

  2. Reblogged this on Chiropractic Culture and commented:
    In order to progress into a healthier future as a culture we must become detectives of the body and search for the root cause instead of masking our sensations. The body’s ability to heal is far more intelligent than any man made medication. The logical approach is to allow the inborn capabilities of the body to work in an ideal environment by removing interference or miscommunication. The main communication system of the body being the nervous system is the first thing a Chiropractor is detecting via the spine. By protecting the spine’s normal structure, motion, and tone we may optimize our bodies function, free of interference!

  3. This is an interesting way of thinking about the mechanisms of the cell. I’m currently trying to come up with a mechanism to explain why adiposa dolorosa develops for a school case paper — I’ll try looking at the material I’ve been puzzling over from that paradigm. Maybe I’ll come up with something new.

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