What is the real secret of life?

Both conventional science and new-edge science agree that, at its basic level, life derives from molecular movements within a biochemical mechanism. To uncover the real secret of life that lies beyond mere mechanics, we are obliged to first examine the mechanical nature of our cells. This information is relevant to our survival, which is more of a question now than ever before.

To make it easier to understand life according to new-edge science, we’ve created an illustration of a cell with metaphorical parts: a set of gears, driven by a motor, controlled by a switch, and monitored by a gauge. (For readers not mechanically inclined, we ask for your patience. There is a pay off. )

A switch controls the function by turning the mechanism on and off. The gauge is a feedback device that reports on how the mechanism is functioning. Turn the switch on, the gears move, and the function can be observed by monitoring the gauge.

A signal from the cell’s environment puts the gears, motor, switch, and gauge into motion.

Tomorrow’s post will be on these moving parts aka molecules called proteins. And how the new-edge biology conclusion is……wait for it….wait for it……The proteins provide the structure and function of biological organisms!!


6 thoughts on “What is the real secret of life?

  1. The model is in the dvd ‘Biology of belief’ and many others of his dvd’s. Real eye openers to watch. Every family should have some. I hope to get some soon. Mind blowing:)

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