How has your fall harvest season been? What are you grateful for? #happythanksgiving

The fall harvest season in North America is in full gear. To commemorate the giving of thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year, the States and Canada have created their own national holiday, Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving celebrations were originally derived from the time when early settlers and Native Americans lived in harmony, with each other and with Nature. Their communal collaboration reflected a philosophy influenced by the Age of Enlightenment, (a.k.a., Age of Reason), a vision in which the cultural and social changes of the day emphasized the public’s commitment to the betterment of society.

As we pause between football games to celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving holiday, it would behoove us to honor our forefathers and our planet by bringing into consciousness the meaning of community and harmony. These are the fundamental attributes that will help our planet rise above today’s crises and lead us into a world where we can all thrive together.

We here at Mountain of Love Productions wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving filled with Peace and Harmony!


2 thoughts on “How has your fall harvest season been? What are you grateful for? #happythanksgiving

  1. i am grateful for the things on their way ..for the happiness that i long for ..for the will to live .. self sufficiency . for the joy i remember as a kid ..for knowing my purpose ..otherwise this waiting is too much …For answers just going to be thankful as if its already here ..and possibly for those who pray for me to make it all happen

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