Prepare what? Epigenetics what?

What new awareness have you had this month?
As the holiday nears let’s remember according to the science of epigenetics there are two mechanisms by which organisms pass on hereditary information.
Those two mechanisms provide a way for scientists to study both the contribution of nature (genes) and the contribution of nurture (epigenetic mechanisms) in human behavior. If you only focus on the blue prints, as scientists have been doing for decades, the influence of the environment is impossible to fathom.
Make a shift in your consciousness today!
(Reference “The Biology of Belief” – Denis 2003, Chakravarti and Little 2003)


2 thoughts on “Prepare what? Epigenetics what?

  1. The bonding starts much earlier, actually from conception on, and of course birth is a major step, a quantum leap, so following nature’s design followed bt a coherent and sound pregnancy, supports life altogether, entering into it in a warm, loving environment, being welcome in this wonderful world…
    Love is definitely the factor for me Bruce, love…

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