How does the mother’s emotional well-being impact the child within her womb?

We used to think that only nutrition was provided by the mother to a developing child. The story was genes control the development, the mother just provides nutrition. We now know, of course, that there’s more than just nutrition in blood. Blood contains information about emotions and regulatory hormones and the growth factors that control the mother’s life in the world in which she’s living. All this information passes into the placenta along with nutrition. If the mother is happy, the fetus is happy because the same chemistry of emotions that affect the mother’s system are crossing into the fetus. If the mother is scared or stressed, the same stress hormones cross and adjust the fetus. What we’re recognizing is that through a concept called epigenetics, the environmental information is used to select and modify the genetic program of the fetus so it will conform to the environment in which it’s going to grow thus enhancing the survival of the child. If parents are totally unaware, this creates a great problem — they don’t know that their attitudes and responses to their experiences are being passed on to their child.


7 thoughts on “How does the mother’s emotional well-being impact the child within her womb?

  1. Yes, Bruce! and stress eats up Magnesium in BIG way from where the disaster can takes its course => limited production of Ceruloplasmin in the liver + excess Calcium => excess of unbound/toxic Copper + bound Copper deficiency at the same time => inflammation, disease & death. I’m a poster child of this hypothesis. My grandma gave birth to her three children during WW2. One of her children (my aunt) is suffering from a neurological disease and so is her child, my cousin. The two others (my mother and my uncle) were born with Diabetes Typ1 and I was diagnosed later in life with “MS”, Hashimoto D, Asthma, Depression, Tachycardia etc. etc. and thanks God or whom ever with CCSVI (malformed veins) and Magnesium deficiency + Copper toxicity later as well. And since that time I’m restoring my mineral balance and guess what, every of this so called “diseases” has disappeared except the malformed veins (congenital) and the lesions/damage this so called neurological disease “MS” has done over the last 48 years. Anyway, since 2 years I’m not longer secondary progressive with “MS”, which is actually not possible!

  2. This is very interesting. I was born in London during the war and my Mother was terrified the whole time, which might account for the high level of background stress and fear I seem to feel without any real cause.

  3. Where in the world is this taught to mothers and fathers or much better learned in school? Sure not in our “Western world”. I feel so sorry about this! Humans are so silly, dump and do not understand at all. I do not see a shift going on.

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