What is a baby’s level of awareness and consciousness within the womb?

Nature spends a lot of effort and energy in creating a child, and it doesn’t do so randomly or just on a whim. Nature wants to ensure that a child is going to be successful in its’ life before embarking on the process of birthing that child. It’s very interesting that while a child receives genes from both its mother and father, the genes are not fully set into the position of activation until the process of development. The first eight weeks of a child’s development is called the embryo phase, and that’s just a mechanical unfolding of genes to make sure the baby has a body with two arms, two legs, two eyes, etc. The next period of life is called the fetal stage when the embryo has the human configuration. Since it’s already shaped, the question is, what will nature do to modify or adjust this human in the next number of months before it’s born? What it does is this: nature reads the environment and then adjusts the final tuning of the genetics of the child based on what’s immediately going on in the world. But then you might ask, how can nature read the environment and do this? And the answer is that the mother and the father become nature’s Head Start program. They’re the ones that are living in and experiencing the environment. Their perceptions of the world are then transmitted to the child.

In the dvd series “Happy Healthy Child: A Holistic Approach” one of the themes is the importance of women and men listening to their intuition and making parenting choices, beginning in the prenatal period, which honor inner wisdom (we discussed this yesterday – power of connecting with your own truth). Below is a “Happy Healthy Child: A Holistic Approach” trailer link 🙂

Tomorrow the discussion will be on the new brain science showing the impact of a mother’s emotional well-being on the health, intelligence, and capacity for joy for the child within her womb.

Here is the trailer link to “Happy Healthy Child: A Holistic Approach”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyV1sTKvx-8

Conscious parenting resources: https://www.brucelipton.com/other-resources#conscious-parenting


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