What is the power of connecting with your own truth?

In my former professional career, I was a medical school professor. I was teaching medical students about the nature of the body as being a machine, comprising biochemicals and controlled by genes so that we’re more or less an automaton, a robot. However, as I got deeper into understanding the nature of the cells, I found that the cells that make up the body, and there are 50 trillion of them, are very intelligent. In fact, it’s the intelligence of the cells that create the human body. Starting to listen to them and understanding how they communicate is a very important lesson. Cells talk to us. And, we can feel it through what we call symptoms or feelings or emotions. It’s a response of the cellular community to what we’re doing in our lives.

There’s a tendency in our world to not really pay attention to those things as some kind of information below the level of head; it’s not that relevant. But I found that it’s the voice of the cells that gives us reason and understanding; cells are actually reading our behavior and giving us information as to whether or not we’re working in harmony with our biology. So, I started to realize that rather than trusting my own intelligence in my head, I would rather first trust the intelligence of my cells which “talk to us” in regular words in the sense of feelings. When you’re doing something that is supportive of your life and supportive of the cellular community, you can feel the harmony in the system and you can feel wellness permeating the system. This intelligence is vital, because using it will help us create a happy, harmonious life on this planet.


8 thoughts on “What is the power of connecting with your own truth?

  1. Your words ring a happy bell in me – I feel my body vibrating when I am aware of the energy within my body and as I read this. This energy makes me feel alive and I can sense, that there is creative energy everywhere. I also use this sensing for my healing intends. I am still looking for the role of our conscious and subconscious mind. So I see, my conscious mind is the focus for the life force energy within my bodycells. If I am aware of it, I can create with it. Ah and if I am not aware of it, the subconscious mind creates with it?!!

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    I’m a big fan of Dr. Bruce Lipton through this teachings on Epigenetics, it has helped me stop being my mother and start being who I really am. Look up EFT (emotional freedom technique), great start to removing the obstacles to our divinity and power.

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