Metaphorically, how could cells be conceived as miniature “people”?

As I mention in my lectures, when we look in the mirror, we see a single entity (ourselves) looking back.  However, this is a misperception in that we are not singular entities, we are communities comprised of living units called cells.  All of the “characters” that we express as humans are derived from the functioning of our cells.  Interestingly, where we have organs to carry out a function, a cell has organelles (miniature organs) carrying out the same functions.  In fact, there is NO new function in a human body that is not already expressed by cells.  Every system we have, e.g., digestive, respiratory, excretory, reproductive, nervous and immune system among others, is present in every cell.  Interestingly, the same mechanisms used by a cell to carry out its behaviors are the very same mechanisms at the heart of our human systems that carry out the same behaviors. A simple truth is that we are made in the “image” of our own cells.  That is why research on cell mechanisms can apply to us for they are directly related to the same mechanisms used in the human body.

However, such a finding would be expected when we own that the Universe built upon fractal geometry.


24 thoughts on “Metaphorically, how could cells be conceived as miniature “people”?

  1. I have seen my cells as little cartoon characters for decades. Through the day I frequently praise them and apologize for the booboo’s I accidentily inflict upon them. We have become very good friends.

  2. When I look in the mirror I see the worst case scenario that can come to my mind. I see an intelligent animal. I see someone’s toy, forced to fight for survival and fulfillment of personal pleasures. I see the inability to be what I consider to be a higher being because of the circumstances and the traces of the beast in myself. I see what Socrates saw a couple of thousand years ago. I see an army of cells that are doomed to struggle and fail. I’d like to see something different, that’s all I want now ~

    • Then perhaps you should try to glance the animal capable of loving other animals when you look in the mirror:) That might cheer you up.

    • Start looking for the best case scenario. When you look in the mirror, notice what you really like about yourself, look deep into your eyes and express appreciation for what you like, and build from that. We are ALL amazing beings.

  3. Es muy difícil llegar a comprender en su profunda intensidad todos estos conceptos, si no estamos familiarizados con los términos de estudios en biología. Estoy convencida de que sus descubrimientos son certeros, sin embargo yo estoy muy lejos de llegar a.participar con usted en la alegría del descubrimiento.porque no consigo acercarme a visualizar la vida celular. Es muy dificil comprenderlo.

  4. It is very difficult to understand in its profound intensity all these concepts, if we are not familiar with the terms of study in biology. I am convinced that their findings are accurate, but I’m nowhere near a.participar with you in the joy of descubrimiento.porque not get closer to visualize cellular life. It is very difficult to understand.

  5. I found this to be instrumental in my continued healing. I no longer care that it sounds silly to most to say that “I” am the ruler of all of these kingdoms, and to be a good ruler I listen to them, and grant them all the things they need in order to be whole, healthy, independent communities. I have found that the cellular body communicates with me all the time, but does not speak English. It is far more advanced than that. It notifies me of simple things like hunger and thirst – but it also tells me when I need to shovel the snow differently for the sake of my shoulder by virtue of pain or twinges. (Btw, it took her only a week to repair and come to a state of correction, where in time past it took months…) I can listen and honor that, or I can say, So what? I have to get this snow shoveled fast…to my own hurt. I view my body as a little macro globe, and as the “ruler”, my job is to make sure every community in there has what it needs to thrive, and then get out of the way. I find it interesting that humans have never created a machine as complex as a human body – and yet we don’t stop to marvel in wonder of it’s abilities. We somehow think it weak, sick – (yup – our programming) – and in need of some lesser “medication” or treatment or…or…or…to be as perfect as it could be. I think in my case, my change in thinking was the direct result of being completely cut down in the prime of life. I simply was not willing to accept that, because our consensus reality proclaimed a downward spiral. I needed a new reality – and I got it! 🙂

  6. As above so below

    When total congruence within us exists and vibrates to the highest vibration of love, with all, then I believe we ‘walk the second coming’. From this our lives are lived from the heart of creation. Miraculous. it is the second testament of our lives and our true nature.

  7. so much artful description of what we are (my cell and I) so much I would live by. Beside that the biologist of my local medical examine tell me that my white cell are abnormal and need chemotherapy or I will die from infection how is one supposed to deal with this Russian roulette

  8. Wow thank you. This is exciting stuff. So as the environment is responsible, for how cells evolve or develop it has to have the potential to create all that a human body is made of in my understanding. So in my view f.e. we could use living cells to search for helpful drugs and don’t need to use and torture animals..
    And also I can see the picture as if there is a doll in a doll in a doll and ever ongoing. That is what I’ve learned with Nassim Haramein. But that also shows, that we are infinitive and we are all connected and we carry great potential and power within each of our cells, within each body… I like the image of a hologram.
    What I am not quite sure about now is how our mind is related to this new view. I mean – to me it looks as if there is a great potential in the subconscious mind. I often see how my course of the day ( without thinking about what I am doing and when) leads me to exact the right thing at the right time – this is not an accident. But it does not come from my conscious mind. It comes from somewhere else, right? How is my mind related to my cells? Seems I forgot it…

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  12. This message comes to us to remind us to speak to our body in a loving, caring prosperous way. If we think and speak in our minds we will squeeze a lemon in our mouth, our mouth immediately waters. So I speak LOVE & light into every cell in my body head to toe, I speak human growth hormone to flourish and rejuvenate all my cells for health & well being. I speak words of gratitude and appreciation for my Life is grand and it just keeps getting better and I am blessed to share this message with others who have forgotten it, and yet now remember. Thank you Bruce! Your purpose & mission is brilliant, all is good, all the time. Peace and LOV& always….

  13. My mind imagines it is the head of the government. When it sloshes the idea around for a while another thought pops up. I (my brain) is the scout developed by the community of cells to go on ahead and find the food, water, shelter that is required for us to survive.

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