What is the New Biology and how does it unify conventional medicine, complementary medicine, as well as spiritual healing?

Conventional medicine perceives of human biology as representing a physical mechanism that is shaped by its biochemistry and genes.  If there is dis-ease, the vision of repair would involve changing the physical parameters of the body, via surgery and drugs.  This process could work. However, with our limited awareness the effectiveness of allopathic medicine is also quite limited. And, based upon the statistics for iatrogenic deaths, those attributed to medical intervention, allopathic science is quite lethal!

Complementary medicine emphasizes the role of the environment and the energetic milieu in the regulation of life. Though it has been around for thousands of years longer than allopathic medicine, medical associations have consistently downplayed the effectiveness of such an approach because it does not conform with allopathic philosophy of how life works.  Yet, complementary approaches have proven their effectives, are profoundly safe and, in light of today’s new view of biology and physics, are scientifically sound.  The new biology of epigenetics and protein biophysics endorse adjusting health by adjusting the “field” rather than the physical body.

Spiritual healing implies the existence of a non-local reality, that “we” (our “spiritual” selves) are one and the same with the field (the Universe).  Since the new biology envisions the role of a non-corporal “self” derived from the environment in controlling biology, then it would make sense that if one can “nudge” the field with the intention of prayer, one could affect the expression of physical reality. As Einstein offered, “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” Which implies an alteration of the field can change the body (particle).

Knowledge is power. Or say a loss of knowledge is a loss of power.

6 thoughts on “What is the New Biology and how does it unify conventional medicine, complementary medicine, as well as spiritual healing?

    • It is interesting to see that conventional medicine is also picking up on this. There is much more attention for the patient’s belief in his or hers recovery, and also for the doctors belief in that. I am a Chines medicine practitioner and much of the “new” science can be found in the old traditions of Chinese medicine ( although attempts have been made to turn it into a protocol medicine,). Currently I am writing a book on this “old” wisdom and its possible use in the apllication and ideas of “new science”.

  1. Since conventional medicine adresses to the physical aspect of the human being, an approach that has somehow served well in the field of research mainly, the complementary and holistic approach has proved more effective in understanding first, then treating the dis-ease, considering the cause of the dis-ease and not the symptom the root of it, and exploring the psyche for all dis-ease we now know that is psycho-somatic, in order to get the whole picture of the dis-ease, spiritual healing which is as well on the side of humans since the beginning of time, is functioning in a more subtle way, working on the consciousness of the being, which is the deepest essence of it….it feels to me, that a the new biology is the key for understanding this unity of matter, psyche, and energy field of any living being…in a western, rational way…..

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