How have you used your healing power?

How have you used your healing power?

Let’s talk about the innate and healing power of the human system, for it is really true that we are powerful beings…we can walk across fire, drink poisons and play with poisonous vipers, all with no negative consequences!  When we hear about a mother lifting a car up to free her child, we make that special situation, an exception or more likely, a “miracle.”  However, miracles are a way of life in worlds where people see such events as a normal.

Some ask – Do we appear to be fragile? Why don’t we see and hear more about these above abilities in people’s lives?

Remember that all of our abilities are based upon our awareness.  Almost everyone has been programmed with limitations, especially during their youth.  These limiting programs control us the rest of our lives.  In training a baby elephant, they are continuously tied to a stake with a rope.  The baby elephant will struggle for days to get free of the rope.  After awhile, it gives up, it realizes that the rope is in “control.” As the elephant grows to giant stature, it can easily rip the rope and the pole its tied to out of the ground, however, its program of “limitation” will automatically resign it to standing still when a rope is placed around its neck, no matter how big it is.  Our developmental programs do the same to us.  When we are young, if we are sick we are told we must go to the doctor for healing…this is a program that will cause the subconscious mind to shut off any self healing mechanisms until one visits the doctor (many people even get well on their way to the doctor!).  Our acquired fears and beliefs of our fragility and vulnerability “program” our biology to express behavior that is coherent with those limitations.  This emphasizes the significance of becoming aware of “self” and reprogramming the subconscious hard drive.

So again, how have you been using your healing powers?


33 thoughts on “How have you used your healing power?

  1. this is such a great question/topic. Forever I’ve wondered if we were brought up to believe we could fly….would we levitate – jump high and free like we do in our dreams (well I do in my dreams)? What is the best way to reprogram what we have been taught?

  2. i have full trust and I have respect to my healing powers. while I was a smoker, I instructed (sort of) my lung cells to copy in correct matter, despite the fact, they have to do faster then usual because of the plague…
    speaking of now, i now how to relax and I know how to stress myself, I guess in between there is health 🙂

    pls continue, Bruce! I love your words

  3. I have often wondered if the fact that I was seriously ill when I was only 6 months old led to the development of a powerful ability to heal myself during my adult life. I had a bronchial and intestinal infection, and the doctors did what they could…until they had to leave it up to me. My parents were called to the hospital, because the doctors were afraid I wouldn’t make it. So I fought—apparently, because I have no recollection of that of course—and survived. This must have done my subconscious hard drive the world of good, because somehow, inside, I know my ability to heal myself is strong, which is why I am assertive when it comes to medicine.

  4. Yes I have used my own healing power.. And have taken myself further along my journey of self discovery I was a Hands on Spiritual Healer for many years, channelling energy to others.. It took deep digging and cleansing of old baggage with the use of Qi Gong, Sound Healing, Reiki and Affirmations… But I took myself out of a Chronic illness Back to Health and Wellness… We Limit only ourselves to the Miracles we are capable of..
    Wonderful post

  5. “A collective sense of powerlessness and disillusionment has set in. A deeply felt sense of betrayal is brewing.” At no time is this more present than when you are rejected by the medical establishment because you cannot afford their “care”. You stand naked and vulnerable with no one in your corner but the Creator. Of course, you are supposed to understand that “these things cost money”. When my day came of being betrayed, I was forced to change my thinking. To break away from the story that has not served us. Now, I am considered crazy. But that’s okay, because “crazy” has seen all my perimenopausal issues dissolve into perfect health. My abused esophagus with its chronic severe reflux after a failed surgical fix and 4 duodenal ulcers disappear, along with the need for ANY medication to treat; I watched in patient awe as my body relearned to see and walk again and spontaneously repair/reconnect neuropathways, and had my last MRI (and I do mean my LAST one..) confirm that the lesions on my brain are disappearing and/or shrinking. I’ve watched as my weight went from 205 to a perfect 145, my high blood pressure normalize, my borderline diabetes self-correct, my borderline cholesterol return to text-book normal. I have stepped up to the role of being the Queen of my personal sector of the Universe – my skin covered petri dish – my kingdom, as it were, and have befriended same. She is a self-healing powerhouse if I just get out of her way and let her do what she’s got to do, and provide the nourishment and environment she needs to do her healing thing. We are getting along swimmingly. I am done buying the “disease-in-a-box”. (And this is just a very, very brief synopsis of what this paradigm change-in-thinking has resulted – and continues to result – in.) Thanks for the outlet – it’s hard to find anyone to talk about or tell any of this to without being considered bat-shit crazy. One day, I suppose, someone will unearth my journals! Lol… As Caroline Myss said, “Your biography becomes your biology.” True Story, my friends…the NEW story is the true story!


  6. a result of my new consciousness. I have also been free of my thyroid problem I had for 18 yrs.

    It is so much fun to help people with their goals while being an example for them. Thanks Bruce from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wisdom with the world and supporting me in reaching out more professional via your interview you did on my request for the psychotherapist on Beyond 50 Radio few years ago.
    Rita Soman

  7. Hi Bruce and everybody :),
    well I am very happy to have created a life that has lead me to where I am now. And I love to use my healing power to heal myself, or others, or even our planet. I just believe it works and it feels great to feel the power within isn’t it? Well it is such a great pleasure and I am so very grateful, to have found this state of being. Although I am still on my way – I don’t want to say that I am advanced or more advanced than others. Just happy to be where I am.

  8. Great post/ question!
    Seven years ago, I was working as a physical therapist/ university instructor when debilitating pelvic pain pulled me out of my regular life. I tried a plethora of treatments from western medicine and gradually checked my skepticism and tried treatments from eastern and alternative sides of medicine too. At the start of my illness, I didn’t think there was more to the body than its physical form. But during the peak of my pain, a spiritual side of me opened up and over the years I healed through the layers and had numerous direct and tangible experiences of the body/mind/spirit connection. I am now pain free on most days without medications. Occasionally my pain ramps up, and I listen. It gives me information about what is causing me stress or fear and then motivates me to take a more loving, expanding path so I can be comfortable again. In this way, this brokenness has also helped me become more whole. And for me, this “hole” is definitely where the light comes in! Over the years- my mind moved from analytical thinking to intuitive knowing and my ability to perceive subtle energy in my body and in the body of other people increased. This was crucial for my healing and now I use it in my work.

  9. I’ve been a Reiki practitioner since 2007 and find especially lately that I’ve been getting amazing results in offering it to others, particularly with distant healing. I’m also trained to advanced level with psych-k, a path I began after watching you and Rob Williams in “piecing it all together.” Now I’m at the threshold of a new chapter, and looking strongly into enrolling with Quantum University. My growing understanding of our true nature and the limitations we’ve imposed on ourselves has transformed my world view, and now I seek to give of myself on a greater level to help others as I’ve been helped by visionaries like yourself. Thank you, Dr. Bruce!

  10. Hi Bruse.
    I so love you and your message to the humanety. My heart sings when i read and listen to you. I know my healingpower but still I am “tied to the pole” in a way. But every day it get easyer and easyer to change the programs and old patterns because more and more people change and that makes the whole change.
    Thank you. Love you 🙂

  11. Yes we all can heal, we also need to allow other healers to give us a break and share our healing for one another. This will be humanity all the world over soon. It’s a beautiful feeling to know that we can give so much more to an endless cycle. Energies always exchange so we will constantly heal within and outward. I can heal others by prescence and intention through therapeutic session. But I also need healing from my friends too.

  12. I am a lifelong student of natural health and healing. When I was a young mother, I took a class in Homeopathy and raised my daughter with homeopathic remedies, herbal healing, crystal healing, reiki, massage therapy, vitamins, minerals, supplements, exercise, nutrition, etc. and whatever else it took to maintain our balance. We rarely visited a physician because we listened to our bodies and became our own physicians, maintaining our health. I am so grateful for mother nature!

  13. There is nothing more important than the question and what a question you have asked. Healing to me “by one’s self” is one of the most difficult healings to do primarily because of as you have proved to us, our beliefs are the road blocks to self-healing. Several years before I stumbled across your weighting’s I have been studying to try and find correlations between today’s neurosciences and the teaching in the bible. I am a Process Engineer by trade and it is only natural for me to want to intensely search out proof that faith heals and how do we go about harnessing the power of faith. I was surprised to find that the proof was not to be found in science or the bible. It was found for me when I started reading your teachings. When I started exploring Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Psychological kinesiology, NLP, Hypnosis and my favorite the teachings of the New Testament (to think like him) Christ. It became clear to me that the dichotomy, our dialectic thinking along with our Edge God out (EGO) stops faith just as fast as the next thought. So if we are constantly pinging our fight or flight response and surviving rather than thriving as you so eloquently stated. then stopping this pinging works alongside of faith and healing is likely.

    This old biker, Process Engineer has allowed my ego to stop me from meditation, thinking that is something that other people did. But meditation was just what I needed to halt my pinging of my fight or flight response and giving my cells time to focus on health. Stop my dialectic thinking by holding my thought for as long and as frequently as I can.

    About three weeks ago my Doctor took an x-ray of my lungs and down in the lower right lobe was what only could only be described as a mass. We compared the x-ray to x-rays from previous years and it was very evident that something did not belong. He wrote me a script for a CT scan and I worriedly went home. I made my appointment that was about seven days from then.

    I knew that I had those seven days to heal myself. If I went through the CT scan and they told me I had a mass in my lungs then it was evidence and locking in that belief. How could I use the powers of my thinking and faith to combat digital proof that a mass was growing in my lungs. I went to work understanding what healthy lung cells looked like and how they thrived and nourished my body with Oxygen and expelled Co2. I looked into healthy breathing exercises with the attempt to love my lungs. I put my faith in the healthy process my lung cells did every day and sent them grateful loving thoughts.

    I took the mental image of healthy lung cells and imaginatively placed them in my prefrontal cortex area of my brain. Have ever seen a ping pong ball elevated using sound waves and just hovering in the center of the experiment box. Well if you have this is how I held the image of healthy loving lung cells meditatively in my thoughts. I used intention to help keep me on track and combat any dialectic thinking that came and went.

    I had the CT scan and no mass was found and my prayers where full of gratitude.

    On the opposite of what I believe to be the healing of my lung is a story back in 86 when my ATV’s right front tire with a 400 pound machine attached to it came crashing down upon my head. But unlike The Beatles Maxwell hammer I did not die from it. It did however cause a fistula behind my right eye and left blood pumping into my skull and life was going to close its door if something wasn’t done soon. My Neurologist shipped me off to London Canada because angioplasty in the brain was not approved at this time in the US. The procedure used balloons to close the artery off so it could clot up and stop bleeding. Worked well and the Doctors explained to me that in time my headaches will reside and to live a moderate life and that I was a lucky young man.

    Soon after the procedure, without my knowledge at the time my parents were called in to consult about my furthering care. My parents were told that the bleeding was stopped and that I would most likely live about 5 years. They were giving instructions not to make me aware of any of this and with the procedure being done it could act like a placebo effect and my brain will direct blood where it needs to go to insure survival.

    They were also told that if they did tell me my life expectancy was only about five years and I would surly die.

    Seven years had passed and my parents finally told me of the horror they live with thinking I could die. I felt horrible knowing my loving parents held this secret in for so long and having this heavy worry on their minds. All I know is that if I would have known of this my thoughts would have been a bought death and not being living gratefully with the second chance.

    I could go on for days and you could tell by my wordy thoughts about this subject of healing. Our Words turn into feelings then we emote them to our self’s or to others. It is really important to use that space between stimulus and response for growth in our lives.

    Thanks Bruce for providing this place. For stepping out in front of your peers to bring this message to us.


  14. My name is Jeff I am a terrible wrighter and speller boy I way to get my story told, so bear with me. 2 years ago I was told I had liver problems, but I had no insurance and could not afford to move forward on it so o decided to stop drinking, stopt taking advill for pain by the handful and start eating healthy. After a few weeks to a months later all my symptoms as I thought when away, so of course I started to go back to my old ways,which ended me up in the hospital with lover failure and ceroses. This through me for a loop but this time they told me I was going to die if I didn’t change, or even if I we’re to I would need a transplant. So I changed again and got some results but by now I was on tons of meds and not getting better, my abdominal cavity would fill with fluid up to 12 liters every 2-3 I was getting drains twice a month it was awful and just a bandaid. The next appt I had with my specialist was quite depressing and he had put me on the list for transplant and it was my only chance at a life, mind you I am a 46year old husband and father of 2, this put me into a depression and terrified me, so I went to a therapists to help with my fealings, come to find out he was a couple therapist but thought he might help, then he gave me a gift of healing your self through the mind through meditation, at this point I was reluctant but open to everything. That night as I whent to bed I tried very hard and visualized my healing, and I would not have beloved it if it didn’t happen to! E but I abdominal actually had notisably srank, so I kept it up until my next draining procedure and it was only 3 instead of 12 liters, and through the meditation and Chang of attitude towards positive attitude and actions I have not had to be drained again, plus my doctors at in amazement at my change, the both at believers of meditation and positive thinking which helps , I am now off all my meds and they say to keep doing the same and I will have a good life of health.
    This has not only helped me with my health but I am a new person with a great outlook on life and realize we can Chang our preprogramming and it is OK to question it
    Thank you for this forum so I can gro even more and pass it on to my children and the people I meat

  15. I began a rather long reply, but somehow lost it while editing a line and now I can’t find it. Did it, perchance get sent to you? I would like it back to finish before actually posting it to you. Can you kindly send it back? It is such a privilege to have this forum to put our thoughts out and share with you and your readers. Thank you!

    • Hi Glenda Fields,
      Thank you for taking the time to write and the gift of your message. The above message is the only one I have received. We all would be more than happy to receive you comment, though I understand how almost finishing a message for it only to disappear would be frustrating (as it has happened to me many times). Have a beautiful week!

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