What do you think about Gaia Theory and what is it?

I am fully behind the Gaia theory created by James Lovelock.  The data reveals that the planet influences life and that life influences the planet.  Living organism are responsible for regulating the gases in the atmosphere and that these gases control the Earth’s temperature and protect it from the harmful radiation from the sun.

Because we have changed the organisms (plants and animals) that make up Nature, we have changed the atmosphere and are altering the temperatures and water balance on Earth. As a result of damaging the environment, we have caused changes in global climate.  These changes are now affecting the growth of crops and animals that we depend on for our lives.  The food shortages and death of environments (such as coral reefs, the creation of deserts and destruction of farm land are altering the planet and threatening our own extinction.

Near you, the Aral Sea is almost gone (more than 90% dried up).  This has caused the destruction of a big fishing industry that fed millions of people. The former Aral Sea is becoming a lifeless desert.  All this is environmental destruction is due to human engineers that diverted the water of the rivers that fed the Aral so that they could irrigate cotton fields.  This is a great example of how human behavior is changing the face of Nature.

There are numerous articles by James Lovelock, the founder of the Gaia theory and he says in the article that it is now too late to save the Earth.  I disagree, because I believe that human consciousness (a quantum physics energy factor) can help the Earth recover in the same way that prayer can heal a sick person.

I still believe there is hope for human civilization.  However, before we “heal” the planet, people must awaken to the crises that now threaten us.  Once we become aware of what we are doing, I truly believe that beliefs and hearts of human civilization can help restore the planet to the Garden of Eden it once was!


17 thoughts on “What do you think about Gaia Theory and what is it?

  1. can you be born without your mother ? we are part of gaia , we are all one ,we cannot hurt gaia , we hurt ourselves and like these we hurt the entire

  2. A great statement, Bruce.
    I, too, believe in the Gaia theory, and in everything you’ve just said.
    I am writing a small (about 100 pages) probably e-book, about our world conditions and problems and what we can do to resolve them. Like you, I believe we can resolve our problems and improve our world conditions. In that book I talk about the Gaia Hypothesis, among other ideas, and would like very much to use at least some of what you’ve said here. May I have your permission to use your worlds in my little book, currently titled RAISING OUR LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Essentially what I say is: Change Beliefs, Change the World.
    Many thanks,
    With love,

  3. “All this is environmental destruction is due to human engineers” ???

    “All this is environmental destruction is due to unhuman engineers payed by an totally unhuman elite” !!!!

  4. …..there’s a LOT more going on here, Bruce; following in the path of inquiry by Walter Russell, Kelvin Abraham (inventor of Tetryonics) and Marko Rodin, I’ll be posting a model which clarifies the possible mechanism in how Earth and Sun, other planets and stars, celestial objects join together to facilitate and maintain all life as well as differentiated matter in this universe and others through first cymatics, then constructive entanglement…..please do feel free to stop by my Facebook page, The Human Internet Radio Project…..https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Human-Internet-Radio-Project/199781833449888

  5. I agree wholeheartedly. More people need to think about the quantum, or alchemical power of the human mind. In many ways we see a mind war on Earth. If we purify our minds and keep them tuned to God we can literally work magic for the Earth’s sake in a powerful, peaceful way. Gaia needs us to take up her cause and yes, all the damage can be transmuted. Light over evil every time. Bless you Dr. Lipton, we think of you here in Arizona!

  6. Bruce Lipton, thank you for your wonderful and important work! I’m a huge fan of James Lovelock, and his colleague, Stephan Harding (Animate Earth: Science, Intuition and Gaia). They gave us a big wake-up call and indeed, a growing number of prominent scientists have become pessimistic about our future on this planet, saying we’re well past the tipping point. However, since we’re still here, I choose optimism. I KNOW each of us has enormous power to change our own reality. Collectively, we have the power to change the Earth’s reality by taking significantly more positive steps in the right direction. Lovelock did not express the belief that Gaia was sentient. However, you don’t have to be psychic to figure out that Mother Earth is capable of self-correction if we don’t wake-up and reverse the damage soon. A 2011 Ipsos/Reuters poll found that 51 percent of people in the world believe in God. For the faithful, may I suggest that now is a good time for us to bow our heads and pray for assistance. After all, God’s in the business of creating miracles, as evidenced by Gaia, the universe, and life itself.

  7. I agree with what’s being put forth in this topic, however, the computers,tablets,and all other electronic devices we use to communicate with each other are the product of the same engineers and big corporations we demonize, the touchscreens we use are activated by super magnet that are made from rare earths that pollute the environment.My point is how are we going to have the standard of living we enjoy in developed countries,bring the poorer countries to a decent level,and leave the earth intact,I don’t have the answer,if you do, stop critizising .is not a spiritual matter,it’s basically damned if you do,damned if you don’t.Or maybe we should depopulate the world (that, not my wish,but that’s what nature does).

  8. I know that everything is interconnected. And that as the Hathi’s said, where awareness goes energy flows and where energy goes awareness flows. Whichever is the predominate vibrational awareness will manifest and not focusing one’s awareness, a form of unconsciousness, is an awareness in itself.
    With a strong connection to the Elemental Gaia, I know that Her plan is not our plan. All that is occuring is happening as a response to energy. We cannot get away from this face. Everything is energy. All animals, plants, elementals, minerals, etc, everything does have a consciousness of its own, in that is is a part of a greater unfolding. Humans are lucky in that they get to see, in this predominantly physical realm, the manifestation or de-manifestation of energy. Because we have not been taught how to inter-commune with others or our surroundings, we are looking at things through the limited eyes of polarity thinking and until this shifts, well the rest of Creation is going to be doing what it has to do.
    I hear people all the time moaning about the weather …………… too this, that, not enough this or that. When it rains I have to mow the lawn more often. Then they appear surprised when their lawn begins to die. The concept of Oneness already is. It is not something we have to attain, only to become conscious of. Creation is unfolding exactly as it is meant to. The Earth, Gaia does not need humans to continue. However, humans very much depend on the physical qualities of this planet to sustain their life. Whilst we are responsible for our vibration, the rest of the Universe is not dependent on it. This is a great arrogance that humans, if we are to survive, must transcend.

    Thanks for a great question and article. Love your work Bruce. You are an inspiration.

    In Light.

  9. All is an illusion, even the illusion of free-will. Life on earth will never end. Gaia will transform. God, the universe, has everything under control. Souls are awakening everywhere to awaken others to assist in transforming human behaviour. The future is bright, believe it. Stay positive

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