So is reptile thinking leading to the end of the world and how can we break the doors of people’s perception?

Continuing from yesterday’s post.

Self-consciousness, a process of self-reflection, is a character of mammals, especially humans.  Through history, indigenous and aboriginal people were more “self-conscious” than corporations today, because they planned their actions not just for the moment, but for what woul happen seven generations into the future, “Self-conscious” people do not think about how their actions affect their own lives, they think about how their plans influence the lives of their children’s children.

Today’s “reptilian” corporations are destroying the environment to satisfy their needs and do not think about how their actions affect future generations.  However, the activities of corporations are really destroying the environment. We are now facing the reality that we have altered the world so much, we are facing our own extinction.

The “reptilian” thinking of corporations are causing the crises in today’s world.  These crises are threatening our lives and causing people to think differently.  The new thinking is “self-conscious” and asks questions differently: “How can we fix the world today so that it will be safe for future generations?” Thinking about resolving today’s problems and making the world safe for future generations is an example of mammalian or self-conscious thinking.


9 thoughts on “So is reptile thinking leading to the end of the world and how can we break the doors of people’s perception?

  1. Two things. Seems to me there is already occurring an evolving of consciousness in the younger generations since I was a kid. Instead of exploiting the environment , lets protect and show some caring for it as it is such a gift to enjoy now and wishing to see it passed down. Much like the Native cultures believed. The second is how amazing the power of nature is to adjust and recover from set-backs. I can envision corporations changing their perceptions as these younger people enter the corporate field.

  2. if a people is blocked into perceiving only the five senses realities, their lifes are leaded by the urge “to survive” the self. The mind set is :” having for me , not having for others”. SO ones only cares for its best and care nothing for other people. The human is disconnected , from the needs of others.
    But if we expand the perceptions of the humans, those who thinks “reptile”, could they start for taking care for the rest of the forms of life expressions?.
    I think we have to deal with the mind, as the unit that cuts some perceptions and let others go.We, the ones that don’t think “reptile” have to unite and bring forth news attitudes in our society.
    The first think to change would to stop the “victim attitude” that is ruining the ability of the single human.And to restore his power back.The power to bring into existence the desidered life. he/she desires to experience.

  3. I knew plenty of people who were going to “change the system from within” in the sixties, only to be changed by the system. Nature may be able to recover from setbacks, but ridding nature of its most destructive species may be the cure. I think all we can do is change our thinking from the reptilian “me me me” to something more all-embracing (call it what you like) and live accordingly.

  4. I think that you are referring to the different parts of our brain….naturally, mammals are more inclined to be loving, which we like, but, to be honest, I wonder if reptiles can have redeeming qualities that should be honored..personally, maybe we should be evolving to be more plant-like….

  5. this is who i am we the disabled are still having trouble getting treated better and nobody gives a chit about us other then another disabled person ive been through the wringer a few times .So i started delivering free groceries to disabled and senior shut-ins all over my city I delivered to 250 people in a 50 mile radius winter ,summer, spring and fall .i pulled a cart that when filled weighed 400 lbs every time i took it out this what i do for a smile

  6. So many beautiful replies and I have only now found time to finally read this! I have just one more thing to add. I agree that we must Love, change the system from within and ‘pray’. But we must also do more and my suggestion is that we vow to remove our financial support from these ‘reptilian’ thinking corporations. We can do that as consumers, investors and savers. It takes guts and a little work but I think it is worth it.

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