Is it the end of the world? How can we break the doors of people’s perception?

In Spontaneous Evolution, I described that “crisis causes evolution.”  When people have to face life-threatening situations it causes them to seek new answers or ways of life so that they can survive.  The new awareness in response to crisis represents “evolution.”

The main crises in our world are due human destruction of Nature’s web of life.  When we damage the environment, pollute the air, water and land, remove and destroy the Earth’s resources, we threaten our own existence.  The problem is that corporations, organizations whose main purpose is to make money, do not care if their efforts destroy the environment, as long as they are making money.

This kind of “thinking” is reptilian.”  Reptile brains are conscious, but they are not self-conscious.  The difference: conscious thinking deals with handling issues at the current moment.  Self-conscious behavior deals with issues in regard to how they affect the future.  A conscious entity will do what ever is necessary at the present moment to solve a problem, even if what they do will cause problems later in time.

For example, when radioactive waste from nuclear powerplants were a problem, the people at that time said, “Let’s store the waste in concrete bunkers.”  But, they failed to think about the future … “What if the concrete cracks and the radioactive waste leaks into the environment?”  Without thinking about the future, the engineers did the easy job of making the concrete storage tanks.  However, today, many of those tanks are leaking waste into the environment.  Today, the problem of leakage is ruining the environment and threatening the world of living organisms including humans. However, we cannot easily fix the problem, it is too big.

The point is that corporations did not think of the future problems because they just wanted to solve the problem the fastest way.


9 thoughts on “Is it the end of the world? How can we break the doors of people’s perception?

  1. I believe corporations never wanted to really “solve” any problem. They just removed situations from their sight while only thinking to the present. This order of things can be reversed, but first a new collective consciousness has to develop.

  2. My brother-in-law, a recently retired nuclear engineer from Hanford, tells me that we do indeed have the technology to deal with current and old nuclear waste issues. Containment, re-containment, reduction, transformation…..all of it. He says the largest roadblock is not funding, but government “red tape”. Not just at the federal level, but state and local as well. I DO believe that responsible government should have input on where/how/when/what, etc. But when are we going to put our clean-up efforts into overdrive? We all want this done. It is a global problem requiring immediate global solutions.

  3. I don’t think it’s the “end of the world”, not yet. But even if it is, it won’t be the first time. If that happens, consciousness (us) will develop new plans and new worlds as we choose. Life goes on and never stops.

  4. I believe the way we perceive life on earth is on the brink of a revolution. We are probably about to enter the greatest intellectual renaissance of our human history as Science and Spirituality alike are looking at consciousness and what it means from a fresh new perspective. Albeit one that has been considered esoteric for centuries. We are truly on the brink of something remarkable.

  5. What you share is so appreciated and is such a life asisistance to deconstructing and re-imaging my life. thank you.

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