Continuing on consciousness….is a cell conscious?

A cell becomes “conscious” because its molecules and atoms respond to stimuli. If you put a sugar molecule in front of a cell, the cell will “respond” to the sugar molecule by moving to the sugar molecule and eating it. Then is the cell conscious? The answer is YES, because it can be “aware” of the sugar. How do I know the cell is aware or conscious of the sugar? Because the cell moves to the sugar molecule and eats it. Therefore the cell must be aware that the sugar molecule exists. By definition, the cell is “conscious” of sugar!

Thank you for your comments, enthusiasm, and work you are doing in the world. Love and light to you.

Topics covered this week:
Are there cancer genes?
How would you describe consciousness?
Does an electron have consciousness?
Is a cell conscious?


5 thoughts on “Continuing on consciousness….is a cell conscious?

  1. yes, it has, everything has consciousness. Because everything is interconnected everything has consciousness. There is no separate self in this universe the Buddha says and he is right

  2. did we know how many things try to eat a young cell untill the sugar ? the mother cell or the consciousnes teach her . and how we with our behaviour dont listen to them message ? are we conscious ? what did it mean ???

  3. Dear Bruce
    At the other end of the scale there is the start of a new conciousness. Within a few years from now people will start to talk to the internet and treat google like a person with an own opinion.
    How long will it take until This new organism will start to question if its cells (the humans) do have a conciousness?

  4. El universo tiene conciencia para mi ,estamos conectados con esta energia ,esta fuerza creadora hace que los seres funcionen ,que los planetas circulen ,que tu y yo nos comuniquemos es parte de está.No me sorprende que la evolucion es parte de la conciencia del universo

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