Does an electron have consciousness?

By definition, if an electron responds to something, that would mean the electron was “aware “ of that thing (Note: Yesterday’s topic was on the word consciousness). For example, an electron shooting through space will move in a straight line. However, if I place a magnet near the electron, the magnetic field will alter the path of the electron causing the electron to move in a different direction. Then was the electron “aware” of the magnetic field? The answer is YES because we can observe that the magnet’s field altered the path of the electron’s movement.

However, if I play some music as the electron is moving, the music will not affect the movement of the electron. Therefore, the electron is not responding to the music. We might say the electron is not “aware” of the music, which by definition means, the electron may not be “conscious” of the music.

In summary, we can measure the “consciousness” of something by how it responds to stimuli. Electrons respond to only a few stimuli and humans respond to millions of stimuli. The electron is only a little “conscious.” A human is millions of times more “conscious” than an electron. But, BOTH are conscious by definition.


9 thoughts on “Does an electron have consciousness?

  1. Hi Bruce, this is so eloquently expressed and fascinating. Food for thought. It also shows your teaching prowess. It is great being in touch again it’s been 20+. Love your work.

  2. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese author and entrepreneur, who claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. And included music in his experiments with water crystal formation. Any thoughts on that?

    • Not necessarily so…
      You need first define your words.
      Without doing so the magnet proposition does not support the assertion.

  3. Are we defining consciousness or awareness based on visible reaction that a human can observe? I just read an article on consciousness being tested with an EEG on human vegetative states. It helped me realize that there are different levels of consciousness (alpha, beta, etc). I forgot on which level they said the vegetative human is conscious, but I gathered that it is a minimal level of consciousness, but still a positive value. My point is that consciousness and physics/metaphysics have a correlation. Though this doesn’t go deep into the physics aspect of this, I bring up the study of vegetative states (with no visible response) to challenge the above perspective and to discuss more in depth about the nature of consciousness in the science of physics.

  4. Absolutely true. A single electron can have consciousness according to its capacity. We are made of enormous energy & are able to interact with multiple consciousness. God made us with his finest engineering as He is a good mathematician. Thanks Bruce for sharing such wonderful topic.

  5. The electrons ‘understand’ the language behind a certain amount of ‘intention’. Thoughts and Sound vibration are the means by which the electrons ‘catch’ the ‘amount of intention’ behind them and after that they can manifest or create. Indeed they behave as decoders of intention with the ability to create.

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