How would you describe consciousness?

The word consciousness has many definitions, some very short and some definitions may take pages to write. I prefer to use the simple definition of the word consciousness: “having knowledge of something; being aware.” However, consciousness can also be measured in terms of “quantity.” A worm is “conscious” of its environment, a cat is conscious of its environment and a human is conscious of its environment. However, the “amount” of consciousness in a worm, a cat and a human are different. For example, the human has “more” consciousness than a worm. The smaller the object, such as molecules, atoms, and electrons, the less consciousness they have.


8 thoughts on “How would you describe consciousness?

  1. Humans have varying levels of consciousness as well I would suggest. Things like stress, fatigue, fear, malnutrition, anger and various drugs affect the levels for example. Love, joy, a zest for life raise it.

  2. I have feelings of doubt here. If the entire Universe can reside within a grain of sand – and we know it does – how can you measure consciousness by the number of molecules, atoms and electrons? That worm may have way more consciousness than any human can ever be aware of … Reminds me of the question whether you have seen God.

  3. Just as atoms and molecules when they together form an organism, and acquire a higher level of consciousness, we humans as part of a larger community( mankind) should be able to work together towards a higher goal.My question is:why are we still killing each other?

  4. We are receivers of consciousness in multipe levels. As soon as we become conscious of something we start exchanging a relationship with that ‘thing’. Here is a very delicate part to think about. How to occupy our consciousness with the ‘things’ that really matter to us? How to establish the most fortunate relationship inside our consciousness that will end all sufferings and miseries? We spend so many lives in touch with ‘temporary’ subjects which stay in the ‘holy place’ of our inner consciousness creating real dramas life after life. What we really want to experiment as a matter of fact is the sublime taste of ‘Bliss’ and the consciousness of what real ‘Bliss’ means is the ultimate perfection of our lives!!!!! It is the highest platform of consciousness a human being can attain, the most confidential knowledge!!!!

  5. Bruce,
    While generally I love what you say, your definition here of consciousness seems very limited. I suggest we see consciousness as fundamental to the Kosmos in all its dimensions. Consciousness makes us ONE. We all share the same One consciousness. We are that consciousness. Everything (manifest and unmanifest,seen and unseen) is that consciousness, in equal measure. Transcendent consciousness created this universe and made it appear material by slowing its vibrational rate, leaving some high vibrational to appear as space.

    I am author of WAKE UP! Our old beliefs don’t work anymore!, which not only includes many of your thoughts and words, but my complete description of consciousness as the All-of-Everything, which some might call God.

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