How does having knowledge of how our bodies operate and how we instruct genetic selection empower us to make different choices?

Firstly, the new knowledge of how perception controls biology reveals that we are active participants in controlling the character of our health and behavior. Our ability to consciously control our perceptions and environment has a profound influence on our lives, versus the old belief system where we are victims of forces outside our control. Secondly, when we live in the here and now, present all the time, and actively exercise our consciousness to run the show, we create the life we want. It becomes heaven on earth.

So you may relate to this cyclic interpretation: Our environment impacts gene selection, which then impacts the selection of proteins our bodies use to build tissue which then impacts our health and the quality of our lives, which then impacts our environment. Yet, sometimes we get stuck in cycles that seem to control our lives.

Epigenetics is just one example of our internal influence.  Become a master of your life, rather than a victim of your heredity.


3 thoughts on “How does having knowledge of how our bodies operate and how we instruct genetic selection empower us to make different choices?

  1. Went to see my doctor about 3weeks ago cuz I was feeling very poorly and having a hard time breathing felt as if I had pneumonia and wanted an xray of my lungs. The x-ray showed what only appeared as a mass in the lower right lobe of my lung. we where flipping from one to another comparing an old xray to the new x-ray and I’ll be honest didn’t look good. He told me to make an appointment and get a CAT scan right away and take it to my oncologist which I’m going to see this morning. I’ve had cancer in the past the B cell lymphoma type and kicked it pretty good with full chemo in full doses of radiation. To say the least this is pretty scary to me. I decided to still my mind And look at pictures of healthy lung cells and hold that vision in my mind. If you have ever seen a ping pong ball elevated by sound waves in a little box this is how I used that picture of healthy lung cells in my mind. Elevated that picture to the prefrontal cortex area using my imagination and tried to hold it for as long as I could. When I drop that vision in my mind I quickly went back to it and held that vision for as long as I could again. that was my form of meditation. I did this as many times as I could until was my time for my cat scan appointment. My breathing got better soon as I started the meditation. I got the results back from the CAT can and read it myself, even as confusing as it was I was able to decipher it. there was no tumor in my lungs no mass to be found. A day after I read it my family doctor called me and said he got a copy of the CAT scan and said. it looks pretty good. What we were looking at on the x-ray must have been just an anomaly. He insisted that I continue to go with my appointment to see my oncologist because it is been 6 years since my last cancer and it would be a good time to go see him anyway. I’m expecting a nice visit with him this morning around 10 o’clock and all will be well. Your teachings dr. Bruce has taught me well to govern my perception and it has helped me in all aspects of my life and relationships. What a wonderful journey this has been.

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