What are your perceptions today?

Epigenetic mechanisms are largely controlled by a person’s perception (interpretation) of the environment.  Since we acquire (learn) perceptions starting while we are still in the fetal stage of development, many of our learned programs are downloaded into the subconscious mind even before we become “aware.”  Scientists reveal that from 95-99% of our life is controlled by the programs stored in the subconscious mind.  So if we received bad training (programming) between the fetal stages and the first six years of our lives, these acquired “beliefs” are the primary determinants that influence the epigenetic readout of our genes.  It is important to note, that the belief that one has “bad genes” can itself actually create a “bad” protein from a good gene. Also, the “belief” that “I cannot heal myself” can also interfere with our own ability to heal our selves. The problem…we rarely observe our own subconscious behaviors, therefore we almost never understand that we unknowingly engaging in behaviors that are limiting and self-sabotaging to our biology.  Because we are unaware of these behaviors, when we have problems in health and relationships we rarely  do we recognize that we were involved with creating them.

In conclusion the role of genes (nature) is primarily shaped by our life experiences (nurture).  However, the latter influences of the mind over genes are almost always related to beliefs that are buried in our subconscious minds and are not frequently known by the conscious mind…so the source of our issues, that is our selves, is rarely recognized. Hence we have the inclination to blame outside sources (e.g., such as genes) for the problems we experience in life.  This is why I emphasize the necessity of identifying and rewriting the unseen behaviors programmed into our subconscious minds.


15 thoughts on “What are your perceptions today?

  1. I am so grateful to know that we are not victims, but creators of our reality, now everything is possible to reach, thank you, thank you! This information is so valuable that should cover the first page of all newspapers! I read the book The Biology of Belief, and I’m planning to read it again just because I loved it so much! Since then I am trying to change my beliefs through meditation and watching my thoughts during the day, which I confess, has not been easy. But my question is, doing this, am I on the right path to change the programs of my subconscious mind, or should I do something else?

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  3. I have successfully used a technique very similar tp PSYCH-K called AFT after using EFT and like EFT employs tapping on acupressure meridian points while repeating affirmations inwardly while being tapped, and then muscle-testing to ascertain if the negative energy fields have been cleared. http://www.the-tree-of-life.com/attractor-field-technique.html

    Adding 2 of Rob’s techniques is very helpful. That is looking downwards when testing, (NLP) and crossing of the ankles s and intertwining the fingers, which I originally heard about through the writings of Donna Eden’s book “Energy Healing”.

    But the bottom line is that I no longer believe I am a victim of my heredity nor my genes , nor the pharmaceutical companies. I am 75 years old and take no prescription drugs, and after being almost totally incapacitated with being diagnosed with 3 forms of arthritis as well as COPT am up hiking and canoeing and biking again. Am sure this would not surprise Bruce! Each day now is like another miracle for me.

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  6. Great message.. We store so much of learned behaviours within us from such a young age.. Its hard to break the cycle of pr-programmed thought patterns that are passed down from parents to children, and through various cultures.. But once you are able to alter your perception and SEE how we have limited ourselves via our thinking… Once we open up our awareness and LOOK outside the Box we then can see we are creators and are creating all the time our outcomes .. Just getting people to open up their minds and learn that their thoughts create their experiences can be the first hurdle to overcome..
    Many thanks for sharing…

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