When was your wake up call?

There was an early phase when I intellectually became aware of the mechanism of biology of belief. I thought, “Oh my God, I can create this magnificent life.” The first thing I did was I’d find anybody that would sit long enough to let me give them the science. I would complete my discussion and then they’d look at me cock their heads and reply, “For a guy who says he knows this, your life doesn’t look any good”. That was my wake up call.  I wasn’t using the mechanism I was just academically telling people about the mechanism. And when you’re not walking your talk, it doesn’t mean anything.

I realized I had to make this knowledge a part of my life before telling other people about it.  And the beautiful part was, once I actually made that intention, it became part of my life very quickly.


10 thoughts on “When was your wake up call?

  1. My wake up call came when I realised that I really was sick and dying and if I didnt decide on a new path and live with that intention…my life would be finished . So here I sit getting better daily and you are part of my resource and education thanks Bruce!!!

  2. Thank you Bruce for this wonderful post! I am so glad you brought this to my attention and ponder about. This is so true! People want to see evidence, that what you claim works, especially if it is in contrast to what commonly is believed. For me the wake up call came when I was inquiring into a life coaching course and discussed it with my partner, who claimed “How are you going to coach others if you can’t even get your own life in order?” Needless to say, the coaching course idea was put on hold, but I am now more than ever determined to work on being an inspiring example and “walking the talk” . I am more aware of sabotaging thoughts and have made a start inspiring and helping people by writing a blog about my everyday experiences that I see as inspirational. This has already proved to be of help to my editor/friend who changed her negative mindset because of it and found a new zest for life since. She is proof to me that my methods work for others as well and that I am able to inspire, despite the fact that I am not a qualified life coach. It also helps me get happier by giving me reinforcement of thinking about experiences to write about all the time. It is a great feeling pressing the “publish” button and waiting for likes and feedback and it has given me more satisfaction in the department of significance. I feel I am finally able to contribute to others finding happiness and peace of mind and getting more of it in return myself! I am exited to find out where this eventually can lead to and look forward to whatever the future has in store for me! With gratitude, http://happypollyesther.com

  3. My wake up call was in 1999 … :o) I totally agree that owning ones life is very different from understanding the possibilty of it theoretically. Only, when we are able to fully engage our Higher Self in our thinking, feeling and willing (doing) does the full shift occur. You have to feel it in your bones and love every aspect of life in order to have the life you want.
    For a farmer, the harvest starts with a preparation of the grounds and investment in the creative forces of the universe and the trust in the process long before the harvest shows up. My experience is, that once we awaken from spiritual amnesia, we start preparing the grounds and start planting the seeds in a similar way. We invest into life and ourSELF intentionally and practically on a daily basis and allow God to work through us more and more – we allow life to unfold, without interfering. This then brings about the desired shift gradually. Investing in something we have never experienced or imagined before and which goes against our past and present life experiences is beyond us. It is beyond our feeling concepts and the perception of our senses.It is an entirely new experience and dimesion for humanity as such. It is the experience I like best! Especially when you relaize, that life always was, is and will be forever more for me and never against me, whether I like it, or not! :o)

    “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
    – Robert Louis Stevenson

  4. My wake up call came around 2003. I decided that it was time to prove to myself what all of us know-what you believe is what you create. I decided to believe that I could just sit on the beach and be MORE financially abundant than I already was-and it worked! I wrote a book about it called “But How Will I Live, Eat or Pay for Gas? A Journey from Fear to Freedom”
    Reply about book to:

  5. And that’s what is challenging for most of us-living what we teach or preach. Until we are imbued with the power to walk the talk we will only be sounding gongs, irritating people’s ears, as it were. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This quote attributed to Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see.” Just yesterday I received this comment on FB. “Btw you really do Walk the Talk now and I admire that greatly!” The message I think is do less talking and more walking 🙂

  7. My wake up call came when a wheel chair was to be my permanent assignment and I had only 1/3 lung capacity at age 36. Now I am 70 soon and completely healthy on no meds. I teach healing memories in seconds so that people can clear the cause of the dis ease and heal. I am a friend of Bruce and often teach because of his referral.

  8. It happened over a period of years very slowly until the moment I took the leap of unknowns and followed my own guidance. I trusted that the power that made me would help me be clear on my intentions. After I realized the work of Masaru Emoto and water, I could not play victim anymore or act less than to please another. Now I Am a Water Angel Ambassador for Sacred Geometry Structured Water, helping others and the planet to wholeness. https://bhe88838.isrefer.com/go/specialoffer/WaterAngelaHa/

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