How does energy impact cells?

(Part 2)
In physics there is an understanding that if two things have the same energy vibrations, they share “harmonic resonance,” meaning that when one vibrates it causes the other to vibrate. For example, when a vocalist can sing the right note, one in tune with the atoms in a crystal goblet, their voice (vibration) can cause the goblet to shatter. The energy of the voice combines with the energy of the goblet’s atoms and the two energies become so powerful together, it causes the goblet’s atoms to fly apart and break the glass.
Some energies when added together become constructive, that is the two energies are summed together producing a more powerful vibratory energy. However, two energy waves can interact and cancel each other out, so when combined, the power of the combined energies become 0. In humans, when energies are constructive and give more power, we actually physically experience these energies “good vibes.” However, when two energies cancel each other out, we experience this energetically weakened state as “bad vibes.”

Microwave oven energy vibrations “harmonically resonant” to certain food molecules cause them to move faster which results in food getting hot. Noise canceling earphones (e.g., made by Bose company) generate vibrational frequencies that are “destructive” (out of phase) to ambient noise frequencies and this causes the background sounds to be cancelled-out and the sound disappears. Biologists are now finding that biological functions and molecules can be controlled using harmonic vibratory frequencies, including light and sound vibrations.

It is necessary that biology incorporate an understanding of energetics and energy fields, because energy waves profoundly influence matter. A great quote by Albert Einstein states: “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” Einstein is saying that the invisible forces (the field) are responsible for shaping the material world (the particle). To understand the character of a person’s body or health, one must consider the role of the invisible energetic field as a primary influence. The problem is that conventional medicine has not really acknowledged that the field even exists, although the “influence of invisible moving forces” has been demonstrated in published scientific articles for over fifty years.

The conventional model of medicine based upon Newtonian physics has provided for miracles such as heart transplants and reconstructive surgeries. However, conventional allopathic medical sciences do not know how cells actually work and are still inappropriately emphasizing the role of genes in controlling our lives and health issues. Biomedicine is still steeped in a mechanistic, material universe. Medical science focuses its attention on the physical body and material world and have completely ignored the role quantum mechanics.

Once medicine starts to understand and acknowledge the influences of energy fields as important, influential determinants, they will then have a more realistic picture of how life works. Simply stated, conventional medicine alone is not truly scientific in that it does not invoke the Universe mechanisms recognized by quantum physics.


5 thoughts on “How does energy impact cells?

  1. The problem with the alopathic medicine is that the ” spirit” is left out. The spirit is the one that makes the heart vibrates and the spirit makes the brain think. In this sense, how can we understand the health of a body if the energy that makes all this machine to run is not taking in account?

  2. This make so much sence to me.
    I have had cancer when I was 31 years old, and have often talked with other girls who also had cancer in their 30.s.
    All of them including me, had the feeling that the cancer came after a year, that had already been challenging.
    Some had been divorced, other had loved ones with diseases, so the cancer just “completed a horrible year”
    Now I understand why. It really makes sence.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom Dr. Lipton.
    All the best Heidi, Denmark.

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