Do you know how energy impacts your cells?

Using conventional human senses (e.g., sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, etc.) we have come to perceive the world in which we live in terms of physical and non-physical reality. For example, apples are physical matter and television broadcasts are in the realm of energy waves. Around 1925, physicists adopted a new view of the physical reality that has become known as quantum mechanics.
Originally, science thought that atoms were made up of smaller particles of matter (electrons, neutrons, and protons), however modern physicists found that these subatomic particles were actually immaterial energy vortices (resembling nano-scaled tornados). In truth, atoms are made out of energy and not physical matter. So everything that we thought was physical matter is in reality made up of focused energy waves or vibrations.

Therefore the whole Universe is actually made out of energy, and what we perceive as matter is also energy. The collective energy waves of the Universe, which might be referred to as “invisible moving forces,” comprise the field (for more information see Lynne MacTaggart’s book, The Field).
While quantum physics recognizes the energetic nature of the Universe, biology has never really incorporated the role of invisible moving forces in its understanding of life. Biology still perceives of the world in terms of Newtonian physical molecules, pieces of matter that assemble like locks and keys. Biochemistry emphasizes that life functions result from the binding of physical chemicals similar to an image of puzzle pieces plugging into each other.

Such a belief insists that if we want to change the operation of the biological machine then we must change its chemistry. This belief system emphasizing “chemistry” leads to a healing modality that focuses upon the use of drugs…allopathic medicine. However, conventional medicine is no longer scientific in that it still emphasizes the Newtonian idea of a mechanistic world and does not recognize the role of the invisible moving forces that comprise the world of quantum mechanics.

Tomorrow I will discuss physics understanding of energy and conclude on why it is necessary that biology incorporate an understanding of energetics and energy fields.


6 thoughts on “Do you know how energy impacts your cells?

  1. Yes I understand the principles behind how energy works upon our cells although not perhaps in scientific terms… But I understand how I was able to heal myself.. by altering my vibrational pattern of thought .. Thank you for your postings I am enjoying them.

  2. The “Scientific”Community, as Bruce Lipton refers, is truly living an outmoded modality! In the not so distant future, Medicine, as, Our World knows, will be forever changed,, for the better for humanity!

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