Why does music affect us so deeply?

It’s because we don’t just listen with our ears: we listen with every cell in our bodies.

Would you take a moment to recommend what music effects you?


25 thoughts on “Why does music affect us so deeply?

  1. Heart of the Universe by Peter Kater and Snatam Kaur is a powerful, resonant song. Both are wonderful artists on their own and what they created in an album together is out of this world…yes, I mean it…out of this world. 😉

  2. Practitioners of Sant Mat and Quan Yin Method who meditate on the (inner) music of the Universe/Divine Source which cannot be perceived by our ears. By tuning to this vibrations one can raise the level of consciousness and general well being.

  3. G. Mahler – Adagietto from the 5th Symphony with Berliner or Wiener Philharmonic Orchestra. A real chef d’oeuvres. You can’t be a normal person to create this. Violently recommended!

  4. Soft guitar and vocals eg Kirtana;
    Classical; piano;
    Folk; bluegrass; variety depending on different moods however I like music with words that have meaning – another is Enya ; John Denver.
    I dislike Loud music with clashing and banging and harsh wording

  5. I have arthritis and use Hemi-Sync music to help overcome knee joint pain and it helps a lot! Listen with wireless headphones for best results while lying down. An example from YouTube.

    • I agree with Nels. Nothing has so profoundly healed me Physically, mentally, emotionally, and especially spiritually, as the use of Hemi-Sync! It is the result of a HUGE amount of scientific research beginning over 50years ago and continuing to this day. The results are PROFOUND!

  6. Yes it’ll be a pleasure for me! There is just no special music, that effects me. I love music itself. I love to sing in a small church choir in my village. I just came back from the training and am still singing, I love the rythm of a song or the special feeling, that comes with the rythm. But I also love to praise God, I believe, he/she loves me and I love her/him within me and am so very grateful to be able to feel this. Singing or listening to music is one way, to get in contact to the love I feel within. It is as if every cell of my body swings in special tone of love. This activates my body awareness. I feel wholehearted happy. 🙂
    There is a young musician from Italy Riccardo Tizzoni, who desires to produce his own music. Some compositions he already offers on Facebook. I love his music. He is looking for support. Maybe someone knows, how to help him.

  7. I might be breaking with form here but I love Classic Rock 🙂 however I am moved by celtic influences, medieval minstrel like pieces and powerful soundtracks from movies like The Lord of the Rings 💍

  8. As a classical musician and composer, I’ll say something controversial. Classical music always has a profound effect on me, but not always in a healthy way, depending on a composer. Much as I recognize the greatness of classical music, it often transmits the message of centuries of suffering and neurosis…Having said that – Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Rachmaninov, Debussy, Ravel are probably amongs the most uplifting composers. Personally I have a very painful reaction to Mahler, for instance, great as he is. I suspect it’s a very individual emotional reaction for every person. Personal associations also play a role. Myself, I listen to music like “Clannad” (“Dulaman”) for healing purposes, and it works great. Also the opposite “Wanted dead or alive” – Bon Jovi works well, when I need to energize myself. Some of “Yes”, “Genesis”, Annie Lennox, “Queen”, “Simply Red” ,Tom Jobim are also very uplifting. The list goes on, really.

  9. I love music, classical music and rock are my favorites and also the most powerful for me… They help me to relax, release stress, tension and negative energy, and reconnect with my soul when I’m overwhelmed. I really don’t live without music and a symphonic orchestra playing is the kind of perfection we can achieve…

  10. Willie Nelson & Family makes for really, really happy cells. It’s family love resonating through the strings… Also, to go deep: jonathan goldman – healing sounds

  11. Bruce, what a great topic! I like so many kinds of music, that I am going to send you a CD with some of my favorites. But actually, a new kind of music I am very much enjoying these days, is creating my own “SPONTANEOUS GRATITUDE CHANTS.”
    Here’s how you do it:
    (no experience or special talent necessary!)
    1. Go to a favorite place of Natural Beauty, when there aren’t a lot of people around.
    (it’s okay if there are a few. It will only be for a few minutes)
    2. Take a nice inhalation.
    3. Look at the beauty and express your gratitude with a little spontaneous melody on the exhale,
    like a little child would sing to a flower in wonder, or laying on their belly in the grass.
    4. Don’t use words, which engages the left hemisphere, critical, right/wrong part of the brain.
    Instead use simple repeating syllable, like “hey, hey hey!” “ah, ah, ah” or “la, la, lala!”
    (You’d be amazed how many people go to places of Natural Beauty and don’t give back anything of appreciation. Nature is the most loving audience on the planet. You will see the trees dance in gratitude, and the waves dancing to your song.)
    5. Repeat, as you like!
    6. Imagine, if affirmations raise your vibrations, which are just words in your head, imagine how singing a spontaneous gratitude chant vibrates every cell of your body with “high vibrations!”
    PS If you think you “can’t sing” think again. We all came into this world able to sing, maybe not to make a “hit single” (which is the sickness of a capitalistic society: “if you can’t sell it, it doesn’t have value) Certainly, as the Bible even says, anyone can “make a joyful noise” expressing devotion, joy and celebration. If you feel you can’t sing, it is because, like your attitudes about money or sex, you have been conditioned to inhibit yourself, by your culture, family, teachers and/or peers.
    Think about it, every child sings. And when colonizers invaded Africa and the “New World” they took away people’s traditional songs, dance and language. Why? Because they are VIBRATIONAL, they are EMPOWERING!
    So why is this significant?!!
    Because, if you don’t like your voice, at some deep subconscious level you don’t fully like you. you’re not enough, You’re not good enough, you don’t do it right.. So learning to feel comfortable with your own unique voice is Radical & Resonant! It is a profoundly joyous way to connect with a genuine sense of your own unique worth.
    I am passionate about this, because I couldn’t sing, at all, until I was 38, I couldn’t carry even the most basic melody. I KNEW I “couldn’t sing.” for most of my life.
    That was until I had a vision in 1993, calling me to Papaji in Lucknow, India. In his Presence, without even praying for it (heck, I thought a prayer like “help me to sing,” was as outlandish as asking to change the color of my eyes, or asking to grow two extra arms.) in what is called “Guru’s Grace” being in the Presence of someone who has a highly coherent Spiritual frequency, I suddenly was able to think of a melody in my head, and reproduce it so someone could recognize it. I COULD SING…WOW! Because of the joy this gave me, I dedicated myself to finding gentle effective ways to help other people who thought they “couldn’t sing” to sing again.
    I’ve gone on to sing on stage with such popular singers as Michael Franti of Spearhead, Bobby McFerrin, and Dave Stringer, the closing act of the 3 day kirtan festival: “Shakti Fest.” So never give up! Reclaim your ability to sing for the sheer pleasure of it! Your immune system, your Heart and Soul will thank-you for it!
    ~Dr. Suzanne Improvisation Lerner travels around the world, working with both groups and individuals, helping people to reclaim their voices. Using EFT and simple playful games, she helps people release the limiting beliefs and specific events that caused them to think they “couldn’t sing.” This experience is incredibly L*I*B*E*R*A*T*I*N*G! Discover the incredible epigenetic effects of Singing Your Heart Song!
    >>> I believe part of the heaing “Shift” that is going to occur for our planet, is when we all join together, around the world, and lift our voices in songs of gratitude and celebration and Oneness… Imagine the kind of sonic massage to Pacha Mama that will occur, shifting us into a new vibrational frequency. You may say I’m a Dreamer, but I’m not the only one. May this and even better, be so, as we all join together, around the World, with Love, Cooperation and Celebration!
    (excuse me for such a long response, it’s something I feel quite passionately about!)
    Hope to see you in Palo Alto in November Bruce! Love, Love, Love!!!!

  12. When I heard Paul McCartney’s song ‘Jenny Wren’ I was mesmerized by the instrument that played the solo part in the middle. I found out it was an Armenian Duduk. The man that plays it really well is Djivan Gasparyan. I bought his CD ‘The Art of the Armenian Duduk’ and that has been a favourite ever since. It comes very close to the human voice, is warm, relaxing, meditative…and healing. Here’s a sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pvpaCAfUWw

  13. I like Gayantri Mantra- violin playing- Kamal -Dream of the whale-epic music
    I sense my heart’s music and the frequencies my body produces when I offer a healing.
    I feel the song of an early morning bird in my balcony.
    I enjoy the music frequencies from kids laughing! So enriched!

  14. Now knowing what sound does to things, especially our cells, I’m very particular with what I listen to. I like Sue’s gong video. Those are great.

    For the most part, I’ve cut out my old music habits and find peace in the quietness of each day.

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