Can our Prayers with Positive “Intention” Change our Life Around?

Yes, it can!
We all have the choice to create positive changes in our life. The beliefs we hold in our mind are converted into electromagnetic fields by nerve cells and the brain ‘broadcasts’ this information to all of the our cells within our body. Cells respond to the information in these energy fields and use it to control their behavior and gene activity. Previous posts have examined the principles of quantum physics and how they might be integrated into the understanding of the cell’s information process systems.


5 thoughts on “Can our Prayers with Positive “Intention” Change our Life Around?

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  2. Yo he visto lo que es ese amor indescriptible.Cuando mi mamá falleció vino a verme para mostrarme que todo lo que sostiene el universo es el AMOR un amor iinconmensurable que con palabras humanas no podemos expresarlo en su intensidad, Esto es, porque estamos encerrados en un cuerpo humano que nos impide experimentar la intensidad del amor puro. Solo cuando desencarnemos y volvamos a nuestra esencia verdadera, seremos capaces de comporender lo que es el amor de verdad.

    .I’ve seen what that love my mom died indescriptible.Cuando came to me to show me everything that sustains the universe is LOVE one iinconmensurable love that human words can not express in its intensity, this is because we’re locked in a human body that prevents us from experiencing the intensity of pure love. Only when desencarnemos and return to our true essence, we will be able to understand what love really is.

  3. I do feel love already – I believe we don’t need to wait until we die and leave our body. Just try this: Deep slow intend filled breathing. Imagine with every breath you take, that it comes directly from your heart space. Can you feel the love coming from your heart chakra? It’s expanding with every breath you take – such a beautiful overwhelming feeling. I also believe in the power of my soul and that I am able, to expand my consciousness to live from my soul. This is our purpose on earth, isn’t it? What is more important then to grow my inner awareness in order to create a new world of peace and love?

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