What does science say about this mind over matter stuff?

The answer depends upon which science you ask. The science of conventional medicine tries to reassure us that none of the mind-body phenomena actually exists. That’s because today’s biology textbooks and mass media describe the body and its component cells as machines made of biochemical building blocks.

This perception has programmed the general public to accept the belief in genetic determinism, which is the notion that genes control physical and behavioral traits. This sad interpretation supports the notion that our fate is inextricably linked to ancestral characteristics determined by genetic blueprints derived from our parents, and their parents, and their parent’s parents, ad infinitum. This causes people to believe that they are “victims” of heredity.

Fortunately, the Human Genome Project (HGP) has pulled the rug out from under conventional science’s beliefs concerning genetic control. This is ironic because it set out to prove the opposite. According to conventional belief, the complexity of a human being would require a genome containing over 100,000 genes. Surprisingly, the HGP discovered that humans have around 23,000 genes, nearly the same number of genes as found in some of the most primitive animals. The missing genes emphasize the flawed nature of a fundamental “myth-perception” underlying genetic determinism … there are simply not enough genes for that model to work!

So, if genes do not control life . . . what does? The answer is: we do! Evolving new-edge science reveals that our power to control our lives originates from our minds and is not preprogrammed in our genes.


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