Have you heard about UPLIFT?

The UPLIFT community, sponsors of the annual UPLIFT Festival in Byron Bay, Australia, is proudly supporting The Black Hills Unity Concert to be held in South Dakota this coming weekend.

The program’s intention is to gather the tribes of the Great Sioux (Buffalo) Nation in support of their mission to reclaim guardianship of their sacred homeland, the Black Hills. Their desire is to use the Black Hills site as a spiritual bridge to share with the whole world in support of Mother Earth. In the words of Swami Beyondananda, this evolutionary “upwising” event represents an important contribution in advancing the evolution of Humanity.

The concert will feature live performances from known artists, Native American ceremonies and stories from their culture, as well as interviews with evolutionary leaders (see attached program announcement for more details). The entire event will be live broadcast by UPLIFT on their website: http://www.upliftconnect.com

If you have a moment, please tune-in to this inspiring effort that help elevate global consciousness and heal our planet.

With Love and Light to you


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