Let’s hear your thoughts on duality!?

The history of human civilization reveals a recurrent preoccupation with the notion of duality. Black and white, positive and negative, male and female, winner and loser and of course, the ever controversial, good and evil. Interestingly, even the nature of “duality” itself led to a fundamental splitting or duality of human civilization—East and West. In Eastern philosophy, all aspects of duality are recognized as representing an underlying unity. All is One, but from that One springs all of our perceived dualities.

In contrast, Western civilization is entirely based upon a philosophy that emphasizes the distinct polarity inherent in dualism. Our preoccupation with duality becomes quite volatile when we assign values to the polar extremes, especially the values of right and wrong. Polar views create “sides’ and the sides usually compete to provide justification in support of their stance.

Even the consequences of the resulting competition over dualistic points of view can be dualistic. Competition may become destructive, especially when its resolution leads to physical combat such as wars and revolutions. At other times, the competition over polar points of view are quite constructive, when resolutions lead to intellectual and technical advances.


20 thoughts on “Let’s hear your thoughts on duality!?

    • It seems to me that to be human is to experience duality and transcend it’s hold on us by waking up to the BIGGER reality – beyond dualism.. The entire ‘field’ is language – and language requires either/or dualistic thinking – how can we explain, communicate, share anything without invoking language which requires binary logic? – that language can be ANY language, the way the indigenous ‘read’ the ‘signs’ on the earth, bark, skies – whatever, is based on the same binary logic as language and language is only comprehensible because the meaning of words/signs whatever, come from ‘what they are NOT’….ie we only know hot in relation to its opposite. This binary logic goes on ad infinitum – That is why we have a mind/body dualism ,..,and THEN a mind/body/connection – the ‘connection’ or the invocation of a ‘conduit’ is just another language term – we can’t escape it – though intuitively we KNOW ultimate reality is beyond dualism

      • binary logic is essentially a social sciences term rather than a real life term. as the body cannot pre exist the mind it is illogical to present body/ mind as two separate parts of anything. the conscious v the 2nd conscious is just a false layer which simplifies explanation rather than representing a reality. however you are what you believe which supersedes any intellectualized idea of duality even with the very best of intentions in trying to break people down into manageable sized pieces. communication speak it is better described as multidimensional based on your interpretation rather more than what another person has expressed. it is a shame to minimize the complexity of language by forcing it into such a narrow lane of comprehension

  1. The duality of our collective consciousness is a tricky one to heal, and takes place only from an energetic shift within ones being. A coming from a place of whole ness and compassion.
    This of late has guided me, via my heart, to make a decision to stop fighting a battle which has engaged me for 9 years, and has been brutal and expensive. In following my heart, and coming from a place of compassion for self and other, and the willingness to let go and not be right, I have inflicted upon myself a huge financial bill.
    Yes, I stand against the tide and believe eventually all will right itself. And I pay a price as I see it for my
    Increased awareness and insight, plus my new ground. Hence I pay with
    Gratitude. That is a hard one for most folks. Yet revolutionary for self.

  2. Duality only exists in a three dimensional world, the world of polarity….we have to train our thinking into a broader state of mind which encompasses duality from a place of wholeness..nothing can change in polarity..just extreme pendulum swings…it is of the body and it’s survival solely…We are not our body, we are the consciousness that created it..unlimited mind…

  3. I agree with Trixy. When we are able to be compassionate and accepting of all aspects of ourselves, then duality becomes irrelevant. We can witness it and it doesn’t make sense because we are aware of the whole and the interconnectedness of it all.
    Duality is a form of labeling. A need to know. To understand. Be clear. Be safe. It is the language of ego. The need to be in control….. All labels limit and contract reality rather than expand and open possibilities.
    Val x

  4. My thoughts are this. Although we come from a unified source as an expression of that source, how can one ever know about love when there is nothing to compare it to? Without an understanding of how beautiful love is. It would just be without any concept of what is not. That being said, I do believe that in order for us to really appreciate the beauty that can be, we must understand that there is another way. If we have never have had the experience or knowledge of what can and cannot be, it would just be the same all the time. Like the fish in the sea, they are not aware of the water. Unless they have experienced not having the water, they will never know the difference. Duality is part of our physical realm and we live in that space; however, metaphysically, we can exist with the intent on non-dualism as a personal endeavor. but when we live with others in the real world, duality will remain until we all agree that it no longer does.

    • On the whole I agree with you Lori. My only suggestion is that even metaphysically it is fruitless to have an intent on non-dualism here on this planet of choice. I believe we can, however, not act on our knowledge of duality and stay in balance with everything that is within and without our self by just observing and being grateful for what ‘it’ shows us. ♥

  5. Hesitate before characterizing another as “bad” in some way. Remember, the physical universe is a Two-Terminal universe. “Polar-opposites” – tho they be a world apart, or two sides of the same coin – are nevertheless polar in nature.

    In other words, that “bad guy” over there, HE… …is YOU!

  6. Culture is king. There are civilizations still living within some form of dynamic equilibrium within their environment. While other societies are experiencing the exhaustion of cultural forms.
    Individually, strong imprinting influences personal perspective on duality. However an individual perceives duality will be in how they claim their identity, vision, and beliefs through environmental imprinting.

  7. I have always thought that to add a little gray, and not be some black n white all the time would soften the edges on every thing. We are taught from tinny tots a win/lose, this or that just brings in to much separation in every direction. It has been the down fall of Humans….very sad….but if then we did not have differences how would we know what bad was or good…..if you get my drift!!! please anyone would like responses…Thanks love love love….

  8. Duality is what I see as nurture/nature, our true self and our wounded ego. We are born a soul full of LOVE, our conditioning leads to our duality within self, as we grow we receive wounds, these wounds become the unconscious duality within, the wounded ego. As adults its our job to become the detective in our lives to discover our wounds, make the unconscious conscious and heal ourselves thereby setting us free to love unconditionally ourselves and others.. There is no right or wrong there just is, its in the surrounding to this that starts us raising our vibration to LOVE, good luck!

  9. You can’t have good without evil, the way our virtual reality is right now. This is why there are bad guys and why they even get to grow old. Their ego’s are out of control. It’s a balance thing, not only between individuals but also within every individual. Duality starts with the ego, from the moment we leave our One Source and enter this virtual reality. Practise love, lose fear and control your ego. When everyone on the planet is doing that, one will soon do it better than the other, but it won’t be a problem anymore, because failure or success, so hugely overrated in our society, will no longer be issues.

  10. The use of language is so important. When we talk in terms of opposites, as opposed to, versus, we frame the debate in a particular way. However when we describe something ‘as distinct from’ something else we set up a more benign energy, there’s no competition, just difference. Try it and see, you’ll never say ‘versus’ again!!

  11. I have a simple perspective on duality – I reject any is,osophy, ology that presents a divided or dual paradigm. I have studied for 40 years the spiritual past, and the farther back I looked the more unity I saw. Within myself, there is no divide and no idea of separateness. Spiritual practices and skills unify us internally, or we are not doing them correctly. Even Chakra’s become one Chakra with spiritual maturity.

  12. Once we can learn to live from a heart space , there will be no more duality. Our minds will always create opposites, because it lives through the eyes of the ego. When you close your eyes, duality disappears. But the ego does not like being shut out from the world. The toughest journey on the planet is the 18 inches between the heart and the mind.

  13. I look at it, observe it in me, and decide to find something with no contrary…. I found joy… And made it my state of being 😉

  14. Well, there is much said about duality in this world and I have thought and read a lot about it as probably many others with me. I don’t really want to think more about it. Although I do see there is a difference for me nowadays that I want to mention.
    Black and white – male and female are facts, so to say. But good or evil is a thing of the mind and it is human made. It is how humans created this world they live on now. Same with competition and I don’t really like it since this is very important nowadays in education and economy. Children have to reach high goals nowadays and it would be so much better for them, to just play and be creative and curious as they want to and their nature leads them to.
    If we could see, that we are all connected, we are one in Love – this is my belief – we would not harm another. I now came to really know in my life experience, that evil is just a misleading love expression. I don’t really see good and evil as a duality, more as one in different colour shades.

  15. Duality is the expression of being dual and dual means existing of of two parts, aspects, or elements , so I have come to understand duality as the expression of opposites working in harmony within the whole and expressed as the creation of the physical universe.
    Everything means everything it can’t be added to, or subtracted from ,because being everything it is already whole. Every-thing is conscious and this consciousness created within itself a physical body that has the same capabilities as the whole , to become conscious of itself as a whole (as above so below), This physical body was created without memory of itself as the creator ,this is the way it can learn about itself without preconditioning of who or what it is, allowing it to evolve as an individual body within the body of everything .
    Duality helps me to experience the endless possibilities within the whole by breaking it down into the individual aspects. This physical body can’t experience everything simultaneously because of its physical limits , it has been given the ability to experience the dual nature of things as individual parts meaning good or bad instead of good and bad , It is only when one aspect is expressed as having more value over another that I don’t experience duality as the harmonious expressions of everything working as a whole .
    Everything means everything , I am a part of everything an individual but without division .
    This allowed me to come up with the concept of I and Myself . I am the individual part of the whole that is writing this , Myself is Everything including I because this is where I came from and to where I will return, as well as being where I am right now.
    When I experience something that I like it is an aspect I accept as part of Myself . When I experience something that I don’t like it is also an aspect of myself but am denying as being part of the whole . From this I learn that by accepting the parts of Myself that I was denying I consciously become more whole, this way I can use duality to create unity . This has also taught me that any conflict that I have is always with Myself .
    This is just a comment and writing this has already changed my understanding because it has shown me where I can evolve as an individual and so effect the whole.
    With love and light Gyan….

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