What is your opinion on Monsanto?

As the “Spontaneous Evolution” book emphasizes, the history of human civilization is a fractal pattern that resembles earlier versions of evolution. Humanity is an animal and as such, has expressed the evolutionary character of transforming from a fish phase, into an amphibian phase, followed by a reptile phase, bird phase and lastly, a mammal phase. The book describes human civilization’s Industrial Age as the Age of Reptiles, Small business are like little reptiles and large corporations (Monsanto) are the equivalent of dinosaurs. The bird phase of human evolution took humans to the moon. When the people on Earth saw the astronaut’s picture of Earth suspended in dark space in 1969, it seeded the latest evolution of Humanity, the mammal phase. Mammals are nurturors. To nurture means to “take care of.” When the hippies in 1969 started to say, “take care of the water, take care of the air, take care of the children,” they were engaging in mammal traits.

When we review evolution, the mammals evolved while the dinosaurs were still here. However, the dinosaurs “crash” and the meek (mammals) take over the Earth. Monsanto Corporation is the equivalent of the dinosaur, and like all major corporations, are about to become extinct like the dinosaurs … and then the “mammal” generation of humans will take over the Earth.

Some say that what is manifesting has its own place and necessity. I fully agree … all the things that are happening are playing out a fractal pattern in history, that is why I say in the book that as far as evolution goes, “we are right where we have to be.” So yes, at this moment one could speculate that even Monsanto is necessary in promoting our evolution.


17 thoughts on “What is your opinion on Monsanto?

  1. I am a mother, so Monsanto may be necessary, but when a big predator comes after the children, my instinct is to shoot it. I am shooting lots of letters to all involved in the systematic poisoning of our food sources for profit.

  2. Monsanto makes so much damage to Earth and we can’t run away from it. At least we deserve to know when food contains GMO’s (I think that’s actually in process.) I tell people to eat organic and stay away from GMO’s, but they really don’t realize what goes on inside of our bodies when consuming these foods. I don’t wanna say this, but people will keep dying if they don’t wake up! Knowledge is power. It’s time to take our health and future in our hands.

  3. Yes, I do believe that it was necessary for fRanKenfOOds and monster santo to rear their ugly heads, for our spiritual growth while having this human experience. It’s time to stop the bus, as this is our stop. Love is all there is. Community, collaboration and cooperation. Epigenetics and the hundredth monkey eases the pain…Thx Bruce.

  4. Monsanto wants to control all the seeds in the world. They are working on getting a patent on their seeds. These are not sustainable seeds. Like wheat is a perennial that comes back every season. Monsanto wheat dies after one season and their seeds have to be bought and planted every season. If Monsanto gets control of all seeds, starvation will be a real threat to us all

  5. I hope Monsanto shuts down…goes away…and never comes back. They are inspired by money…not by perpetuating the animals (including humans) on earth. They use so many poisons and now are using GMO seeds and not telling people. They say GMOs are good…to feed the world. If they are good…then why won’t you label them? Its funny how history repeats itself. When the agricultural age began…all farms were organic by default. Then came the big companies that wiped out the small farms. Next came wide spread use of pesticides and now people are sick and dying, the bees are disappearing and so are the bats. I’m praying daily that we soon go back to small organic farms that have happy farm animals. Not tortured, suffering, sentient being that are treated as if they are not as important as humans.

  6. Imagine.

    Imagine if Monsanto could one day employ its vast power, information, and networks to learn from its sins and mistakes, clean up the environment, and serve all life on Earth.

    Imagine if all corporations, religions, and countries would do the same.

  7. Big Pharma and big Oil are another two dinosaurs along with the big industrial complex and war machine. But what might kill you is big fundamental religious belief systems.

  8. I agree that this “kind of dinossaurs” will be extinct, actually they are already being slowly extinct … fortunately!!! The world without them and with everyone living together in the same vibration of love will be a heaven….

  9. I’ve said this for two years now: certain entities that have all the power through the love of money over human beings will go by way of the dinosaur. I saw it in a vision – we will radically affect change – healthcare is going to be a biggie. Synthetic medicines are proving to be harmful. We must topple these mega-giants that serve only to destroy us. We will unite and demand it. The question is, when? I wish to God I could see it happen for my children. It breaks my heart that these things won’t come to pass until long after I’m gone.

  10. Just because Monsanto is a necessary part of our evolution doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to die out. And it doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything about it. That’s part of how evolution will work is when all of us, individually, create that shift and cause real change. Acceptance does not necessarily mean lying back and being meek. It may be the driving/polarizing force needed to create the evolution that needs to happen so we can ascend to the next stage of evolution for humanity. Accept that they are here, and then make a choice that deprives them of the ability to stick around.

  11. It’s really a double edged sword. If we believe what you wrote in Biology of Belief then it really does not matter what we put into our bodies. As long as we believe that we will have perfect health and wellness we will no matter what. However, getting to that point, getting past the programming, and truly believing that is a daily struggle. In the mean time changing the way we eat by eating organic, and researching where everything comes from…is time consuming and not easy for most parents or anyone. I do believe that more and more people are beginning to awaken to the “powers that be” that run this world and that their time here is very limited. Namaste.

  12. We as humans have the possibility to decide with our minds what we want to create – with every thought we have the power to create our life on earth. That’s probably it – isn’t it?
    There have been careful loving people in the world always haven’t there? For sure mothers and probably also fathers. There is no doubt about, we wouldn’t be alive, if there haven’t been loving and caring hands always. I don’t see the good thing in comparing what we create now with Dinosaurs. We did not create Dinosaurs. We created Monsanto and war and hurt and exploitation, probably because we want to control and hold the power. I believe mother nature could show us, what is needed. I think it is pretty simple. We humans just need to realise that we are a part of the earth – and we need to go hand in hand with ALL that is created on earth. What about reverence for life? I don’t really see the necessity in things like Monsanto and exercising power over others, war and expanding industries.
    Just want to add this: It is time for the female power, to get it’s power back. Much too long it has been oppressed in mankind.

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