How do you live a balanced life?

Galileo said, “Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.” Our civilization is changing to align with new holistic beliefs. In holism we again recognize Mother Earth and Father Sky as our creators, but we also understand that we got here through adaptive mutation to fit into the garden. Our purpose here is to tend this garden and to acquire awareness because that’s our part in evolution. And to make the best of our existence, we live in balance with nature, evolving a technology that allows us to live on this planet with the smallest possible footprint.

What we’re beginning to learn is that we are cells in a larger organism. At this moment – just like what’s happening in the bodies of many people on this planet – the earth is experiencing autoimmune disease, where the cells in the body are killing each other, and if we don’t learn fast enough, we are not going to make it. Those of us looking for new answers are the future of a new evolution. We are experimenting and investigating how we might create a better life. The only way out is an evolution, and an evolution means undoing the previous structure. So don’t be afraid of the current structure falling apart; it’s a necessary step to get us to the next level. Don’t go into the future with fear but with the promise and reality of fractal geometry. We are returning to the original condition of wedding spirit with matter, the immaterial and material planes, and we will live in this garden with peace and harmony.


8 thoughts on “How do you live a balanced life?

  1. It was Voltaire who told the story of “Candide” an adventurous lad who tried his luck at many different trades and situations and at the end of it all returned home disappointed as he could not find the happiness he was searching for .Then one day he looked at his backyard and thought “I have nothing to do. why don’t I plant something and put in a garden.” Well he pottered around and found himself eagerly waking up each morning to see how his garden was doing….and was so excited when little shoots popped up. As he watched his plants an flowers grow and worked with the mud he suddenly was filled with immense happiness. He had been round the world looking for happiness and did not know it was right here in his own backyard. And so the book ends with “Il faut cultiver votre jardin”

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  4. I love this post and I just have read the Honeymoon effect. This book has such great ideas of how to live a loving relationship. I have created a little program for myself and I found out, how important it is in my life, since I really want to create a healthy, loving life for myself and my surrounding. Interesting that I had an autoimmune disease in my life.

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