What beliefs have you had about fractal mathematics vs quantum physics?

The beliefs we have been living by are wrong. Fractal mathematics says: There is a pattern in the world, and there is a pattern to your evolution. Quantum physics says: Don’t focus on the material, focus on the immaterial realm. Energy is primal. The rule is that if a science on the lower part of the building changes its belief system, every science above that building block must incorporate it. Biology and psychology have not adopted the new understandings of mathematics and physics; they are out of scientific context and no longer scientific. Quantum biology, however, a new science, examines how energy affects biology, and consciousness is that energy. As for psychology, a material psychology based on chemistry and drugs needs to be replaced by energy psychology. We heal ourselves with our thoughts, our mind, our consciousness, which are more powerful than chemistry. It’s the invisible, immaterial realm that’s powerful.


16 thoughts on “What beliefs have you had about fractal mathematics vs quantum physics?

  1. I love the concept of “energy psychology”. It feels so right. So many of the ancient (and easily discarded) healing practices were based on the power of energy and, in fact, they still work today.

  2. Yes it is true. We need desperately to change the Education system, and let our young grow with truth,
    In our world and their future World intact. Love love love.

  3. Reblogged this on New Awakenings and commented:
    We are so powerful if only we knew … and we can redesign our lives from the inside out to evolve consciousness for ourselves and by doing that then the world will also evolve … it’s the only way to change the world … one person at a time !!

  4. I haven’t heard about Quantum biology. But it sounds as if this is your scientific field for research. I love Quantum physics and I love the conscious healing field that is offered with the new science and I can see the results already in my life and I want to settle in this new awareness more and more. Because I want to help and heal not only myself.
    I am a beginner but with so much energy!! I wonder if you might know Nassim Haramein https://www.facebook.com/Nassim.Haramein.official
    I listened to his scientific approach on Quantum University. Also a new scientific work he is doing with his resonance project and not in contradiction to .the new science as far as I can see.

  5. Hi Dr Lipton. I was investigating fractal applications and discovered that use of fractals will become widely helpful in engineering, medicine, mathematics, and psychology – and of course those are only the few areas that I have taken time to investigate in the past year – there will be more and there are people working to put fractals to use in ways that I don’t even know anything about. Of course, understanding how objects are supported by energy is even a greater discovery; certainly. I wonder if you are working with bio-photons.
    ~ Eric

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