How do we create the honeymoon effect?

Science has now observed that the conscious minds of people in love do not wander but stay in the present moment, becoming mindful. This means that during the honeymoon period, the participants are controlling their behaviors and actions using the wishes and desires of their conscious minds. Think of it this way, when you are that much in love, why would you let your conscious mind wander when everything you wanted is right in front of your eyes. The result is a honeymoon experience of Heaven on Earth.

The problem that arises for most is that “real” life inevitably intrudes into the honeymoon. The conscious mind drifts off into thoughts about paying the rent, fixing the car, doing the chores. At these times the behaviors expressed and the responses made to partners are not governed by your conscious wishes and desires, they are now controlled by the mostly negative behaviors acquired from others. These newly exposed subconscious behaviors were never part of the honeymoon experience, but as they intrude into the relationship, the glow disappears. As more and more, formerly unobserved and negative subconscious behavioral traits are introduced, they continue to compromise the relationship, sometimes to the extent that a divorce is in every one’s best interest.

With insight and awareness, limiting subconscious programs can be rewritten. What would be the consequence of rewriting negative subconscious behaviors and replacing them with your wishes and desires? A honeymoon effect that will keep you healthy, happy and living in harmony “happily ever after!”


5 thoughts on “How do we create the honeymoon effect?

  1. I’m feeling that many of us are becoming more conscious in all our actions as we collapse old paradigms……and that this is flowing into all areas of our lives…including relationships….at last!! I’m grateful to have a very conscious man in my life who has “done his work”.

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