Wondering what hard evidence there is that the mind is the master controller of the body?

Ever heard that the reader is the mind?

If the reader is the mind, then the mind becomes the all-powerful contractor of the body. The mind tells the cells what it anticipates and the cells go into the blueprint – the DNA – and create what the mind is anticipating. (Genes are blueprints that are read)

Then we ask about positive thinking?

People hear about ‘positive thinking’ but when they attempt to put it into practice it doesn’t work because there is a step missing. The mind runs the biology but the important thing to recognise is that there are two parts to the mind, the conscious and the subconscious and that there are two very critical factors that distinguish the two parts. When it comes to processing information the subconscious mind is over a million times more powerful than the conscious mind. Neuro scientists have revealed that the conscious mind only operates at best about five percent of the day. Ninety five percent or more of the time (for most people ninety nine percent) we run our lives from the automatic processor, the subconscious mind.

Well what about the hard evidence that the mind is the master controller of the body?

It has been statistically established that one third of all medical healings (including surgery) are derived from the placebo effect as opposed to intervention. This means if someone has an illness and takes a sugar pill under the assumption that it’s a prescribed drug designed to cure the condition, a healing will occur one third of the time. This is a scientifically established fact, which is taught in medical school and what it says is that perception and belief can instigate healing that occurs innately by the body. We have all been endowed with an innate healing ability that has been with us since the evolution of our species.

We need to shift the belief that we are victims of circumstances beyond our control.


3 thoughts on “Wondering what hard evidence there is that the mind is the master controller of the body?

  1. A computer works because it’ s being run by a program, and ordered by it.So we are a very sophisticated biological
    Computer run by our soul emotions,will,desires,etc. And spirit,that GOD in us-

  2. Opening space in the heart chakra and breathing and vibrating to love, all heals. Mind body and spirit. Our world is flipped up side down. Bruce love your work. Release the pain, past, limiting belief, release it all. Tap into magic. Transform with love.

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