What if you could have your wishes and dreams come true every day?

The beginning of my transition from marriage-phobic skeptic into an adult who finally took responsibility for every failed relationship in my life and realized I could create the relationship of his dreams.
What if you could have your wishes and dreams come true every day?
We live most of our lives as unconscious as when we drive in a car talking to a friend. After the drive we can recall every word of the conversation, but not one second of the driving. The trouble is that we spend so much time in the unconscious mind, which is like a giant digital recorder with no intelligent design, and had its patterns shaped by the time we were 7 and before we had a say in them. For many, that can be an endless loop of trauma.
Rather than trying to end it with Freudian rehashes of childhood, you could clear the slate and reboot at any time with therapies including self-hypnosis and Psych-K, a technique in which therapists reach the unconscious mind and its habits by studying a person’s movements and their relation to patterns in the brain.
The mind is powerful and self-destructive and only by changing it can we save our selves and the world.
Remember Albert Einstein’s claim that you can’t fix a broken world by doing the same things that broke it, and gave parents of teens or 20s a positive affirmation. Those kids who are still living at home and who have no interest in a stock portfolio may be the ones to save the world because they aren’t participating in the things that brought us to the brink the sixth extinction of life on the planet.
We don’t have to be a prisoner of our genes any more than we have to be a prisoner of our subconscious, that we can change the things science thinks are locked in and predetermined.
Those seeking love keep a list of what they want in a mate, because if they leave things out, they were trusting nature to fill in the blanks.


3 thoughts on “What if you could have your wishes and dreams come true every day?

  1. hi Dr Lipton, thank you so much for these posts. I have a question, followed by a comment for you 🙂 Firstly, I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing what resources you would suggest for learning self hypnosis? I am developing – thanks in part to your book the ‘Biology of Belief’ – a very good working understanding of my cells, my ability to change them, and my ability to remould myself into the person I want to be. I am now at the point of wanting to rewrite beliefs. I believe very much that I can. However I’m having trouble seeing the finer aspects of this – one thing is for sure, I will be eternally grateful for your help in skipping the ‘freudian’ analysis of childhood. Being an intelligent member of a highly dysfunctional but also intelligent family, I have had enough self (and other !) analysis to fill a lifetime.. lol. So my comment is simply that I am so grateful to the universe to have found you and your writings, as well as a bunch of other authors that share the understanding of a deeper, more complex universe than most are willing to admit to. Your writings resonate with me so well – they really strike a chord (yes I can hear the musical and cell application of that statement!!) I also love your comment here about children that still live at home might be the ones to actually come up with solutions to the issues that are snowballing in our world and have is in the state that we are in (sorry I’m rephrasing). Anyway, I just want to say your books are full of treasure and wisdom that I have and will continue to appreciate so much. I love the scientific proof of what has so clearly been the case in my life. Thank you. Finally, If you do get the chance to point me in the direction of some self hypnosis training/manual and preferably something I can source at a library or affordably online, I will be forever grateful! Thank you so very very much, and all the very best to you and your loved ones.

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