Want a Change?

When I was much younger, science was a much freer endeavor. Now it’s more or less just a mechanism of the pharmaceutical industry producing new drugs all the time. Drugs are the last thing we need. I left the job and this was just the beginning of the changes to come.
Have you heard that 10% of illnesses are directly related to genetics? We have the power to control our destiny in all areas of our life, in fact, it’s why we’re here.
What the new biology reveals is that nothing is out of our control. We can heal ourselves and make our dreams come true if we learn to become mindful.
Earth is heaven where we get to create and experience and be in love and have kick ass dreams. If you become mindful, every decision and manifestation is controlled by your conscious mind.


5 thoughts on “Want a Change?

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  2. Seems so obvious, yet it is so resisted in main stream medicine where there is no education about options for healing, let alone providing deeper information about the miraculous workings and healing potential of the mind/body. It’s wonderful to know that you’re educating the general public who are hungry for this kind of information Bruce. May more and more invitations be offered to you and Margaret to share your knowledge and perspective in influential settings. Wendie and I keep you both in our hearts. (We met with Penny and Eric on the cruise last year).

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