More on….The Bio-political Musings of a Transformed Scientist

I’d like to tell you how my life as a “transformed” scientist began in order to set a context for why I turned to an “unscientific” oracle like the I Ching for understanding and direction about the fix we find ourselves in today.

As a cellular biologist, my work has always been driven by the desire to understand the nature of life. I will never forget the first time I used an electron microscope in graduate school. The large con­trol console of the microscope resembled the instrument panels of a Boeing 747. It was filled with switches, illuminated gauges and multicolored indicator lamps. Large tentacle-like arrays of thick power cords, water hoses and vacuum lines radiated from the base of the microscope like tap roots at the trunk of a tree. The sound of clanking vacuum pumps and the whir of refrigerated water re-circu­lators filled the air. For all I knew, I had just walked on to the command deck of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Apparently, it was Captain Kirk’s day off, for sitting at the console was my cell biology professor. I watched attentively as my mentor began the elaborate procedure of introducing a tissue specimen into the high-vacuum chamber of the electron microscope. Finally, he began increasing the magnifi­cation of the tissue specimen, one step at a time: first100X, then 1,000X, then 10,000X. When we hit warp drive, the cells were magnified to over 100,000 times their original size.

It was indeed Star Trek, but rather than entering outer space we were going into deep inner space where “no man has gone before.” One moment I was observing a miniature cell and seconds later I was flying deep into its molecular architecture. I knew that buried within the cytoarchitecture of the cell were clues that would provide insight into the mysteries of life. Throughout graduate school, postdoctoral research and into my career as a medical school professor, my waking hours were con­sumed by explorations into the molecular anatomy of the cell.

Though my exploration of the “secrets of life” led to a successful research career studying cloned stem cells grown in tissue culture, I eventually ran afoul of the scientific establishment because the re­sults of my research forced me to question the dogmas on which cell biologists and other life scientists base their work. I refer to these dogmas as the “Three Assumptions of the Apocalypse” because I do not believe human civilization will survive unless we turn away from these false beliefs. Specifically, I rejected these three assumptions: 1) genes control biology, 2) evolution is a random process driven by a struggle for the survival-of-the-fittest, and 3) life can be understood by only studying the physical parts of the body.


9 thoughts on “More on….The Bio-political Musings of a Transformed Scientist

  1. The desire to understand the nature of life is really so exciting, although this is a pretty new desire for me. I guess it started 2013 and lead me to Hans-Peter Dürr (a german physicist) and Quantum physics and then also to energy healing. I am since that time seeking for the proof of life force energy. It does exist, otherwise I wouldn’t feel these energies flow and see the results. Also this would be the proof, how life itself does exist. I am wondering and it seems nobody calls into question how it is possible, that there is life and how life remains and grows and evolves. I mean how is it possible, that out of two cells appears a whole new human being and lives almost 100 years?
    I feel sorry that it seems not much people start thinking by themselves. They believe in the dogmas you mentioned above and and what “is said” from newsletters, politicians and science. Although I truly have the hope, that most of us will break through these dogmas and start thinking without leadership.
    Love & Light

  2. So great to read this! Thank you so much I was lucky to be exposed for the firts time to Professor Hans Peter Dürr over 14 years ago in Germany. He is a fascinating very young man over 80. I owe him the tri-pendulum I have been using for lectures in order to demonstrate complexity versus our duality theory.

    • Oh hi Jean-Paul, Just read your comment. Yes H.-P. Dürr is sure ageless and I truly love him. What he did in his lifetime is a great and so much fun to search further. He passed away some month ago…

  3. “thinking without leadership” is key. We are educated to think according to what our leaders or educators tell us. Basically this means we are taught what to think. Not how to think…”how to think” is the link – to taking responsibility for our thoughts and emotions. Again we are conditioned to think others- or our environment- are responsible for our thoughts and emotions…the actual reality—though extremely unpopular and politically incorrect—is that we can expand our consciousness well outside any reality box we put on it…but we have to give ourselves permission to actually do this…so there is a battle but it is really a battle for the Mind and freedom of thought.

    • Thank you Robert. Your comment does confirm to me, that my consciousness is able to expand. I needed to read this right now! Oh well, why do our schools in the world not teach this? It seems the world is going backwards…

      • On the “how to” of consciousness expansion I recommend Ingo Swann’s four books—all are grist for the kind of mill we are in—“Power Vol I”, “Power Vol2”, “Reality Boxes” and “The Wisdom Category”…all available from the International Remote Viewing Association on line…all four books are a study of language, social trend and the de-evolution of consciousness into the machine age…now it looks like consciousness needs to re-assert itself to recover from the damages of materialism…

  4. Thank you for sharing your great insights. I admire not only your scientific knowlegde but even more, your courage to go against the stream for the sake of the real “truth” about life. Please go on with what you are doing and enlighten the world even more. Good Luck

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