What kind of vibes are you feeling today?

Have you ever visited someone’s house and thought—“Wow, it’s so beautiful, it feels so peaceful, I love this house.” That’s a house that resonates well with the energy of its occupants and with your energy as well. Or you visited someone else’s house and thought, “What’s up with that flocked wall paper? Oh my god, how could they have put that on the wall?” That house does not match your energy and its occupants no doubt don’t either.

Or if I suggest that you go home and read a book, I bet you’ll go home and curl up in your special chair, the one you feel most comfortable in, even though there may be an identical matching partner parked right next to it. It is the energy field that surrounds your special chair that makes you feel good!

Or a final example. Have you ever driven your partner crazy by rearranging the furniture or insisting that all the furniture be replaced? The urge to move or replace your furniture is an indication that you’ve changed and the furniture’s energy field no longer conforms to your new energy field. Or maybe you’ve really changed and you need to move out of the house and move away from your partner as well because the house and your spouse are no longer creating constructive interference patterns in your life!

The important point is that you shouldn’t let you rational mind discount what your inner voices are telling you, whether it’s to move your furniture, get rid of a painting that gives you the creeps, bring a new partner into your life, or in my case disengage from a neighbor who gives you the creeps (whole story in “The Honeymoon Effect”). If you pay attention to good and bad vibes, you’ll enhance your energy and when you enhance your energy you’ll enhance your life.


17 thoughts on “What kind of vibes are you feeling today?

  1. Remember when you discovered that the cell is programmed from an outside source? You must have been elated and thrilled that eventually led you to your current status. I am working on a new energy discovery that made water firsthand and energy for the ionosphere. Creation at it’s best. Now what do you do when the world is falling apart….poverty… fear from war ….
    what would you do?

  2. Full of comfort and feeling like a ton of motivation is beginning to sizzle as I’m headed into some major transformative changes, including a move across the country in a few short weeks to a state and city I have never been to before. Adventure on!!!!!

    The timing was just right for me to see this entry, thank you : D

  3. Excellent insights here. I especially appreciate the reminder to listen to my inner voice regarding these things, since its been all too easy for me to only follow my rational voice in the past. The results are normally less than ideal! I’m learning to listen and act upon my intuition and its having a…well…dare I say…magical effect! Yes, I’m crazy, but that’s got nothing to do with it 😉

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  5. Thanks for the energetic confirmation – recently I have had to completely disengage from 2 bad-vibe friends and step back from a 3rd. It all feels right.

  6. Hola buenos dias:

    Maravillosa la expicasion del movimiento energetico del Ser que indica la buqueda de cambios que pueden ser en el medio ambiente, mejorar las relaciones o inclusive cambio de trabajo.

    Todo esto causa miedo en el Ser el descubrir que existen otras posibilidades y ante ellos las personas deciden quedarse quietos ante lo conocido y no se permiten descubrir en ellas mismas otras cosas que les puede dar mejor calidad de vida.

    Excelente la publicacion.

    Muchas Gracias por el envio


  7. I suspect that different people refer to this by different “names” although it doesn’t matter what you call it: energy field, intuition, sixth sense, or a gut feeling. More often than not we have an internal compass that guides our soul in mysterious, but magical ways. Thanks for sharing and best wishes for an inspired day!

  8. For over two years I’ve lived within a shared house with many people, our energies were all diffrent. I stayed mostly in my bedrooom, we were all social with common respect but I didnt connect on a Vibe level.
    Iam now looking forward to a single bedrooom accommodation, Iam going to be responsible for the energy I attract and transmit from my new home.

  9. Very interesting. I used to move the furniture in my house around all the time when I was married. my ex hated that!
    Recently a smart board was installed in my classroom at work. It really disrupted the flow if traffic and productivity of the room and there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s placement is permanent. Any suggestions is how to deal with that?

  10. Yes…it is all a matter of resonance, beginning with the resonance with self, that unique essence…self-awareness followed by self-acceptance and self-commissioning, absolute, given to the mission of self-realization…. Then, as the resonance is sensed, so is the dissonance, and neither rubbished as nonsense, ever again! Realized is: Non-sense, nothing is….

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