Are you a good or bad driver?

Before you answer that question, realize that there are two separate minds creating the body’s controlling ‘central voice.’ The (self) conscious mind is the thinking you, it is creative and expresses free will. Its supporting partner is the subconscious mind, a database of reflexes and learned perceptions. Though some of its programs are derived from genetics (instincts, nature), the vast majority are acquired through our developmental learning experiences (nurture).

Also the perceptions of life we hold in our minds control our growth and protection behaviors. The mind resembles the driver of a vehicle. With good driving skills, a vehicle can be maintained and provide good performance throughout its life. Bad driving skills generate most of the wrecks that litter the roadside or fill our junkyards. Employing good “driving skills” in managing our behaviors and in dealing with our emotions and perceived stresses should offer a healthy, happy and productive life. In contrast, inappropriate behaviors and dysfunctional emotional management, like a bad driver, stresses cellular ‘vehicles’ and interferes with performance and provokes a breakdown.

So what kind of driver are you?


3 thoughts on “Are you a good or bad driver?

  1. Guess I must be a learner trying to change my responses and control my thoughts from programmed perceptions to better thoughts. Getting there . Not resdy for a driving test though

  2. Good question. Have to think about it. I can see there are attitudes in my life that show to me, that I do not fully embrace my life and live it as best I can. I am somehow restrictive. I don’t know yet, what holds me back in my unconscious or subconscious mind. But yes, the thinking mind can be a good driver in helping me, to find out. It just needs to take action and use it in a new way. Making new decisions and go for it. This blog is not easy, because it asks us to find and change unhealthy, unhappy and unproductive patterns of ourself, but sure worth it…

  3. Bad, good, excellent, awful or whatever , doesn’t matter. Is all about The joy while you are traveling through life! Remember, it’s just an awesome game! Nice post.

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