“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples” – Mother Teresa

Now here’s some significant insight: though every cell is innately intelligent and can survive on its own when removed from the body, within the body, each cell foregoes its individuality and becomes a member of a coherent multicellular community. By definition, a community is an organization of individuals committed to supporting a shared vision. Consequently, while every cell is a free- living entity, the body’s community accommodates the wishes and intents of its ‘central voice,’ the character we perceive as the mind and spirit. When you have a thought or perception, that vision is “broadcast” to all of your cellular residents. It is as if your cells are all tuned to see the TV news of the day. Your eyes are the camera, your thoughts the voice of the anchorman. Your cells are concerned with what you see because they depend on your life for their lives. Your joys are their joys—your fears are their fears.


10 thoughts on “Community

  1. OK, so there is a correlation between our mind and spirit and each individual independent cell. The cell takes its role in the community in order to help the life form to remain, staying healthy and alive. Fascinating thought. But where does this ongoing creation of the life form comes from. Is there an individual blueprint of this lets say human being life form? What mind and spirit created that blue print. Is it my soul? I guess there is no answer to my question right now.
    But what I understand is that my cells directly are dependent to my thoughts and my spirit (maybe my awareness).
    So I am fully responsible to how my body works. If I am ill, I have to find out, which thoughts and probably unconscious pattern are the cause. Because it looks like, a healthy body is our birthright, is our blueprint.

  2. I hate this idea that everyone is ultimately responsible for their illness. That’s not to say that I don’t think it may have some merit. Still, it may not be entirely the case and who needs to bear the burdensome feeling of guilt when they are also bearing the weight of an illness. It’s just too much.

    • Rather than “burdensome feeling of guilt” . . . how about . . . “grateful for the wake up call” or . . . “I’m so grateful to learn from this experience”? With this much more empowering (and higher vibratory/energy) perspective we can take action to identify and change those beliefs that created “IT” in the first place. It’s never about guilt – always about raising awareness. A child that has never been taught how to cross the street will be in danger crossing the street. However, when the child is taught how to cross the street safely (from someone with knowledge about how to cross safely) the child doesn’t say “What a burdensome feeling of guilt I carry”. The child says, “Yesterday I didn’t know how to cross the street safely and today I do! I’m so happy!”. When we learn from all our life experiences we celebrate every “opportunity” and safely cross the street again and again.

      • Hi Karen Johnson,
        Well, I was speaking very specifically about a situation where one has cancer (for argument’s sake) and then one is supposed to look at this cancer as being wholly one’s responsibility.
        What would you teach that would keep a person from having their cancer metastasize, or recur?

    • Vicky,
      It sounds so corny, but I feel your pain! I too haven’t felt altogether comfortable with the idea that we each are solely responsible for what happens to us in our life. Then recently, I heard another excellent teacher (beside Bruce, I mean) say that this idea was the single worst notion to come out of the new spirituality and energy psychology blossoming these days. What a relief! What he said is totally consistent with what I’m learning from Bruce and that is that individual and collective energy from others is, without doubt, going to have an effect on others. Of course, it makes sense, no? That’s not to say we’re all hapless victims either. That’s taking the notion to the other extreme. With this more balanced approach, I believe it is easier (less difficult?) to conceive of self-healing whether physical, emotional or otherwise. Now, how we experience these things in our lives, that IS up to each of us and that’s a whole other story!
      Best wishes for health and happiness to you,

      • Hi Karen,
        Thank you for reaching out with such and open and generous perspective. Your warmth, sincerity, and enthusiasm are very touching.

    • Dear Vicky, I was pondering about what you said and I was happy to read the further replies to you. I assume there are a lot of good answers to the question of guilt of illness and our responsibility on it. Just now, while listening to Bruces Lipton’s interview I remembered what you said and I want to insert it, so you could listen if you like. Bruce L. talks about this new discovered true about the Gens and that we are not the victims to how the gens behave, He talks about this at around 25:00 minutes on the tape:
      I also want to add a short respond to you.
      There is no guilt and no reason to feel guilty. Discard this out of your thoughts. Instead of it love & nourish yourself, with every breath you take and release such painful thoughts. Because love is the source of everything, All else is just misleaded thoughts of separateness, which truly do not exist. To send love to painful areas, does heal – this is my experience. Love, Uta (send from Germany)

  3. In the 20 th century we learned about the need to care and love ourselves, our inner child etc. Now we have to take care and love several trillion intimate family members!? Some help now please Bruce!

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