Do you remember your life before age seven?

From the womb to age seven the brain is in…Theta state! There is literally no filter during this time and we take everything in as fact.  If you’re going to express consciousness, then by definition you have to be able to think something. But with regard to “thinking,” you have to have information to think about. Imagine an infant, and that the moment it’s born it can speak. It’s coming out of the birth canal…you can see the crown, and then the head. When you can see it you say, “Hi! Welcome. Please say something!” And the baby says, “I don’t know anything, I just got here.” This is why there is a period where a download of data occurs before consciousness is invoked. This is necessary so that you can use the data. It’s a period of programming. You can’t filter the data because consciousness isn’t working yet. You’re just downloading data from family members and your environment.



29 thoughts on “Do you remember your life before age seven?

    • As the feelings of the mother, the baby have the same questions are , if the mother have any pain , is the baby affected from that pain body later in his life ?

    • I can remember from the age of five. My kindergarden teacher, classroom and most of how it was set up. I have memory of first grade and so on. I am very lucky for I had a bad car accident and sustained a concussion with bleeding on the brain.

  1. In regressiontherapy in hypnosis I experieced my own birth. How do you explain that I could do that if you say that I had no consciousness? In another regression I saw my mom was mourning when I was 3 years old.

    • It was stored in your unconsious mind. When the time and conditions were right, your unconscious mind chose to release the experience to your conscious mind 🙂

  2. I remember things from still in a stroller and later on these became my passions. I feel like it wasn’t so much about the exposure at that young age which influenced my interests, but more about predestined interests prior to incarnating in the womb. So, I was in effect I was already tuned to remembering them.

  3. Ok., that’s interesting! I do remember two things before age 7. First I see the room, my sister and I am sitting on my fathers lap, it is evening time and he was telling us, that our Grandpapa in Berlin had died. I remember that I felt nothing and I was wondering, why I was not weeping as my sister did. The other event was I guess with age 4 or 5, I can see my mother yelling at me through the closed front door, I needed a toilette and she won’t let me in. I was frustrated and ashamed, that I finally peed in my pants.
    So this a two major things for a young child I guess.
    Every seven years it is said that the cells are renewed. If this is true, then there is a relation to this Theta state. Yes, to me it makes sense, that at the beginning of our lifes we are “just” downloading out of different reasons. We truly are dependent to our environment this years. I assume, this downloads are somehow a basic mind foundation, to how we live our further lifes, is that so?
    But also I do believe, awareness is not only related to being able to remember or having a well functioning brain.

  4. I can remember a little boy in hospital that caught his finger in a door jam and the blanket I was wrapped in to be brought to hospital by my Dad and older sister. I had burned my leg badly. I don’t remember that part at all or why my mother didn’t come with us. I was three years old.

  5. under three years old first time when i experienced to have numb legs (somebody told me there are ants on my leg and it was strange i didnt see any ant there). around the same period plaing with an old lady(a kind of baby sitter) tits in the familly bad betven her and her husband. then a kind of pseudo erotic reproductive play with girls.and vague the taste of fish oil i have to eat it in kindergarten .

  6. I remember several things before age seven: down to when I was a toddler in diapers about 1.5 years old because my parents were still married. I remember the house down to the red shag carpet and green velour couch and how it felt. I also remember getting a cast on my arm at age two. Specifically to it feeling wet and cold when being donned. I have several more memories. I thought everyone remembered being very young until I got in college and my high school friends would always ask how I remember everything.

    • Pre speech. I have no words to go with the memories, just sensations and visual memories. For example lying in my crib with a wet diaper and feeling how cold and wet i was. no matter how i tried to get away the bed was wet everywhere it seemed, including my blanket and i remember what it smelled too, but the memory has no words with it.

  7. For sure u r going to die, don’t waste time with whys of the past, give and receive without thought or reason, live and love thru intuition, challenge your mind and make it work for u, enjoy the best of u, live, love, accept, share and explore, be free to accept and receive LOVE, there is nothing else.

  8. I don’t buy it. I have many, and I mean MANY conscious memories before age seven. (At 63 I probably have more memories of those times than the specifics of last week!) “This is why there is a period where a download of data occurs before consciousness is invoked.” What? I’d say it is that “download of data,” or stimulation, that “evokes consciousness.” In the womb the the stimulation is quite subtle. However, I would contend that the cry of a newborn is a conscious reaction to something radically different ascending upon the fragile frame. It is the conscious reaction to the uncomfortableness of hunger, dirty diapers, desire to be held (get BACK to the feeling of the womb which he/she “consciously” remembers?). Let’s see, WHY doesn’t the baby at birth say, “I don’t know anything. I just got here.”? Maybe because she hasn’t “downloaded” that particular skill set…language…which it will eventually DO on a CONSCIOUS level.
    Now, accepting everything as fact before age seven is probable true. That’s how parents get away with Santa Clause and the East Bunny and the Tooth Fairy until about that age. But, the very ACT of acceptance is a conscious activity. Just as the act of rejection is a conscious activity. As adults there are MANY things of which we just blindly accept without question. Now, the acceptance or rejection may be done on a subconscious level, but the consciousness is AWARE that there is even something to accept or reject.
    The very act of decision making has to be done on a conscious level. Believe me, our two-year-old grandson is quite aware of the decision he makes though out he day. Now, the much data from which he draws to MAKE the decision may come from the subconscious level, but that, and a quick “conscious” assessment of his current surrounding environment, will determine the decision as to whether the grab that remote and run off. That is NOT accomplished in an un/subconscious state by someone not fully aware.
    Or, have I completely MISSED something of the point of the above article? Something of which I may not be “consciously” aware??

  9. Most of my childhood memories are from before the age of 7!!! What does that say about me! I even have one memory from when I was a baby and although I had no speech I have memory of being in a pram and hearing a loud noise which frightened me. I also have a memory from when I was a toddler and learning to speak. I only had one word sentences and was holding something up and saying ‘look’. Most of my memories are between the ages of 2 and 6yrs old!

  10. I remember quite a lot before age 7, and I definitely remember questioning things too. The first time I got in trouble at (catholic) school was for asking the teacher “If Mary is Jesus’ Mum, and God is Jesus’ Dad, then who is God’s Mum?” Surprisingly it didn’t go down well and I got kicked out of class. I never did get an answer. This was reception, so age 4 or 5.

  11. More from the wonderful Bruce. My question for you, Steve, is what did you take in from your family members and environment that is stopping you from being who you are. It is your challenge to overcome, and within it is your gift!

  12. Hi Bruce, you state “This is why there is a period where a download of data occurs before consciousness is invoked. This is necessary so that you can use the data. It’s a period of programming. You can’t filter the data because consciousness isn’t working yet. You’re just downloading data from family members and your environment.” Can you please elaborate on what period where a download of data occurs before consciousness is invoked? Is this in utero? Which trimester? Is the “programming” influenced by media, such as television and movies? Can you point me to where I can find university and or scientific studies on this?

  13. I am disappointed that Bruce has not replied to some of the questions on this blog as far back as July 014. I can only hope he replies to my questions – peace

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  15. I notice a lot of people are saying they remember experiences before seven years of age. But, if you’ve read studies about memory, the mind recreates stories even after 3-6 months of time. Meaning, almost every memory is distorted. Especially the really older ones. I would say the only things I can personally remember, are from photos or videos. Stories from family.

  16. I have a few from the age of 1 1/2 years old, , tons more under 7. Being 7 of 8 children it could be that my older siblings helped me remember more, there are lots of shitty ones I choose not to remember. One of my favourite ones from about 4 was riding my tricycle around the house… best part about it is that all the adults I only see from the waist down LOL

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