What is epigenetics?

Instead of the widely held, largely deterministic belief among biologists about genetics, namely, that our genes “control” or “determine” us, it is rather the case that our genes respond to cues in their environment, such as one’s experience and perception of, or beliefs regarding your own life.

As a cell biologist I knew that my insights had powerful ramifications for my life and the lives of all human beings. I was acutely aware that each of us is made up of approximately fifty trillion single cells. I had devoted my professional life to better understanding single cells because I knew then and know now that the better we understand single cells the better we can understand the community of cells that comprises each human body and that if single cells are controlled by their awareness of the environment so too are we trillion-celled human beings. Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environmental signals that propel life.


12 thoughts on “What is epigenetics?

  1. I have always believed that our consciousness determined our fate and therefore I never accepted that race determined what I was capable of. As a man who happens to be black, this way of thinking has allowed me to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and to create my version of an extraordinary life. I love listening to and learning from Bruce because he makes science accessible to everyone.

  2. Oh yes – what a great insight. I am just wondering, why other biologists did not discover what seems obvious due to the studies – the cells do respond to and not control us. To me your discovery has so much power for all of us if truly accepted, we realise that we are our own creators aren’t we? I mean it also confirms, that I can heal my body myself, that I can heal the food and the water I eat and drink with my healthy thoughts. How about healing other living beings. I mean, can I heal animals with my healthy, loving thoughts?

  3. I really admire and appreciate your work. I follow a guru who speaks of the same things and it’s wonderful to see science meet eastern philosophy and beliefs as we all grow together! Can you write more on how we can actually reprogram our genes? I do A LOT of meditations with sacred mantras and a lot of visualization/creation as well..but I would love to hear what you have to say about it. Thank you for doing what you do!! 🙂

  4. Bruce, I deeply honor your profound discoveries and insights in the world of biology. Also, how you are able to apply them to life itself.

    I believe your insights in biology I totally applicable to psychology.you use the analogy that we are proteins in the membrane of the cell of the earth.

    I would also say that each of us is a cell in the Mystical Body of Life itself. Each of us is unique, each of us holds and is held by the Whole. If we deny and do not accept any one of us, or anything about ourselves, then by definition we cannot become all of who we are.

    Psychologically, when there is something we cannot handle, we get traumatized and stuck. Energetically, one way this shows up is that a flowing energy becomes dense.

    I believe also that this is the most elegant way of understanding the simultaneity of wave and particle.ultimately, who we are and what all of life is, is a wave, movement, a verb. When in dualistic reality we are unable to handle something, we are unable 2 accept it and be with it. we therefore gather in”form”ation,thereby creating dense energy out of flowing energy.

    we can experience the stuckness
    as physical discomfort.anything we are unable to handle and the discomfort associated with it are exactly the same thing.

    when we become aware of, allow, and accept what we previously couldn’t handle, healing is possible.

    we simply bring all of our awareness to discomfort and allow it to share its story and, if necessary, whatever it needs for its healing.

    there is much more to share. I look forward to an ongoing conversation with you if you would like.

    All my best, Andy

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  6. Thank you Bruce for sharing you deep and inspiring insights into Biology and Life. You have had a tremendous impact on my life over the last few years and I am eternally grateful, I bow deeply to you.

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  9. Ask your Naturopath/Homeopath to test the ‘signalling function’ of your genes to identify any that may be turned ‘off’ from accidents, surgery, sickness, myco-bacteria, parasites, viruses, insect bites, chemicals, metal, diet, life style, alcohol, drugs, and especially THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS which are living cells.

    This technology restores the receptor’s lost energy to help the genes recover their signalling function.

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