Do you understand your mind?

The mind controls the chemistry, and the chemistry controls the genes and the behaviour. So we ask what is the mind? There are two parts of the mind. One part is the conscious mind and the other is the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the latest evolution in the brain. It is located right behind the forehead, in the prefrontal cortex. The brain behind that, is mainly the subconscious mind. What is very important to know is that first of all, the two minds have different functions. The two minds do not learn in the same way. I can teach the conscious mind, but that does not mean the subconscious mind learns anything. The conscious mind is creative, and imaginative. It is the seed of the spirit. That is why you are a unique human. Your conscious mind is you. It is your identity. It has by definition, your wishes, desires, aspirations. The subconscious mind has little creativity. It’s where habits and patterns come from. It’s like a computer. It is much more powerful than the conscious mind. A million times more powerful. It learns to control the body and respond to our experiences. When we learn something complex, the subconscious remembers it as a programme. This is very helpful. I will give you an example. Everyday, when you get up, if you didn’t have a subconscious mind, you would have to relearn how to walk! Maybe we should learn how to walk again….


3 thoughts on “Do you understand your mind?

  1. Reblogged this on New Awakenings and commented:
    The conscious mind and the subconscious mind… and then there’s the intuitive mind … a whole other dimension … the simple point is WE … ie YOU and I are in control of our destiny not our genes nor any outside triggers … when I first grasped the realisation of what this really meant for me it changed my world and my life completely … if you are searching for better answers … ask better questions ! Carol

  2. This reminds me of a course I joined some time ago. We practised the method of “Feldenkrais”. Not sure you know that in the US. It is about learning anew how to move the muscles on my body. Laying on the ground we started with moving only one finger up to the whole arm. After one hour training, when driving home with my car at night, I realised, that I never had such clear and colored view of a light changing from yellow to red to green. My eyes have been just perfectly focused. So I like your idea to relearn how to walk. The subconscious mind could be a powerful tool, if we’d knew how to change the patterns, and maybe other structures in our body, that are ruled by the subconscious mind too.. I don’t know enough about the s.m.

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