What perceptions are shaping your biology?

When teaching medical students at a small school in the Caribbean Sea – Sitting quietly within garden-like island jungles and snorkeling among jeweled coral reefs gave me a window into the island’s amazing integration of plant and animal species. All live in a delicate, dynamic balance, not only with other life forms but with the physical environment as well. It was life’s harmony – not life’s struggle – that sang out to me as I sat in the Caribbean Garden of Eden. I became convinced that contemporary biology pays too little attention to the important role of cooperation because its Darwinian roots emphasize life’s competitive nature. Let us focus on cooperation and life’s harmony.
Now these two disciplines are key! Signal Transduction (the investigation of the “chemical pathways by which cells respond to environmental cues”) and Epigenetics (“the science of how environmental signals select, modify, and regulate gene activity”). This new awareness reveals that the activity of our genes is constantly being modified in response to life experiences. Which again emphasizes that our perceptions of life shape our biology.
Let us plant the seeds in our minds that we would like to grow and blossom.


6 thoughts on “What perceptions are shaping your biology?

  1. I heard about how our genetic DNA can be changed by our surrounding environment. After living in a particular lifestyle for nearly 20 years I am living proof of what you teach. Thanks to the great and amazing adaptability of all living things I am slowly adapting to a change of lifestyle …. although I do miss much of the previous lifestyle.
    I also had the pleasure of listening to you speak on stage at Uplift 2012 in Byron Bay where I live and was so pleased to hear of your teaching first hand. It was amazing to hear someone speak about something I had lived experientially!! So wonderful to be understood in such a disconnected world.

  2. Live in the moment with conscious mind, without judging others , Tapping everyday for any negative thoughts or feelings come…:)

  3. Wow – that is a sentence to ponder about:
    The Perceptions of life shape our biology.
    So what about the biology of other life forms, that are with us on earth? Do they have a perception of life? Must have, since life creates beautiful, unique life forms on earth, and they all live in a way of harmony with each other. Maybe only, when one life form starts to get dominant, then competition starts, which Darwin explored.
    I believe in the power of the heart. which is love. There is already a plant growing within. I can sense it – it is a powerful presence or energy. I guess it is life force energy. It is not created by my mind. But my mind can help me to focus better on this new awareness.
    Thank you for making me think about this.

  4. Belief & hope can change our biology pattern. The story “Last Leaf” is an good example. Let us live with strong mind & prove Bruce is true in his statement. Thanks Bruce

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