How do you want to live your life?

Most people have the experience of sitting down with a newspaper and just popping it open. And before you actually read anything, something catches your attention. You don’t actually know exactly where it is in the newspaper you will find something you’re interested in, but you start looking until you find something. People don’t realize it, but when they pop open the newspaper, the subconscious is so fast; it has already read all the words on the page. When it came across words that were relevant to you, the subconscious told your conscious mind to pay attention…that something is in the newspaper for you. But the conscious mind is very slow. It thinks, “Oh, is something over here? Where is it?” How do we end up going where we are going? The answer is: what things in your mind are important to you? The function of the subconscious is to perceive and record every detail. It’s not seeing just a newspaper, but everything wherever you are. Anything that the subconscious interprets as connected to you, it will call your attention to. If you’re a person who lives in love, then you’re going to be moving toward love wherever it is. But if you are a person that lives in fear, then your subconscious is going to draw your attention to everything that could be threatening to you. Then all of a sudden, you have reason to be afraid. Why? You’ve cleared out everything in your life that would have been good, and you are only looking at the things that are bad. Let us remember what is truly important.

Happy Monday! Love and light to you



8 thoughts on “How do you want to live your life?

  1. Reblogged this on Andrea Cullen and commented:
    I am a massive fan of Bruce Lipton. These are wise words and why I feel my life is very much enriched by no longer watching the news on tv, or listening to the news on the radio as best I can (the news that you need to know will find you), reading celebrity magazines and especially those that are heavily weighted towards fad diet abd criticising women’s figures, or paying heed to the whingers, moaners, begridgers or pessimists in life (again as best I can – I have been known to play with their heads a little however!!). Enjoy. x

  2. What about miracles? I don’t read a newspaper, listen to radio news, or watching TV. Instead I am a lot in nature, listen to beautiful music, read about what interests me most and have done most of my life – about the purpose of life and why there is good and bad in mankind and such stuff. At the beginning of last year I have experienced what I call now an awakening of my senses, which led me to realising my chakras, which has never interested me before. And I started feeling beautiful energies in my body. I am a curious person and so I tried to use these energies, to heal with my hands and from a distance. And that is where I am now. I am German. First I learned reading (because I wanted to read my daily Heavenletter in english on, then writing and now I learn talking english with a healing group on Scype. I so love what is going on in the US. I like to look around on Facebook now and be connected to likeminded people all over the world. I love doing this. I love to be a part of creating a new awareness and a new world. I am 50 years old and live with my family, cat and dog. I am a happy women now despite of the suffer I do see in the world each day. I have hope and there is hope for each of us. We are beautiful beings within a world of beauty. There also happened miracles in my life – but this all happens within me – not without.

    • I agree with you about news, music, nature and energy… Life is beautiful when we see love and light in everything and everyone. Love.

  3. Es muy bueno el tema, nuestro subconciente deberia enfocarse en la busqueda de lo positivo de cada cosa y tomarlo como aprendizaje para evitar de repetir los mismos errores, lo peor que le pasa al ser humano es que a veces no sabe cual es su busqueda! por eso nunca se le llega a concretar los objetivos, o se plantean objetivos inalcanzables. Besos y que su camino sea lleno de Luz – Graciela

  4. Someone I met recently said that they wanted to live life loving others but they feel uncomfortable when others make a loving fuss back to them … Can you give love when you don’t believe you are worthy to be loved back ? My immediate thought was that if you do not believe you are worthy of love its possible that you will create a world where you push others away subconsciously ? I wonder if loving energy is like breathing … It’s a partnership with plant life …they give us he oxygen and we give back the co2 they need etc …we have to receive the energy to give back and the whole cycle continues beautifully as we all connect

  5. Beautifully said Uta. Just the way I see the world too Full of beauty and wonderful hearts wanting to do good. I also let the news find me via great group of Facebook friends around the world. And Bruce and Margaret are living examples of what they speak. They are surrounded by an aura of love and joy that is palpable wherever they are. In love and appreciation.

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